Nintendo Switch Lite Review Discussion

Nintendo diversifies its hardware portfolio with the Switch Lite, a dedicated portable that redefines the platform’s core concept.

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  1. I have a PS4 and never felt the need or want to invest in a switch as the games just not same quality. But man I had the psp and I did not get vita as it was not so great games library wise and hence when lite came I picked it up as it’s a perfect portable console for a great price for flights n holiday’s etc and also for some regular casual gaming.

  2. Unless I were some sort of isolated recluse with no television, friends, family, or neighbors, or patience/means to dish out the cash for the full fledged unit. The drop in overall functionality is simply not enough to compel me to get one for a mere $100 price drop. Going to have to cut it down another 100 before I'd ever even consider it. Sorry, Nintendo. I don't need a handheld only version of something that is already a handheld. The option to spare myself the eye and neck strain incurred by portable gaming , to me, is worth the extra 100 dollar price tag of the standard unit alone.

  3. I never wanted a Switch in the first place! Never laid an eye on it not once in 2 years after release not even for Pokemon Let's Go. But when SwSh was announced I was dissapointed. Why do I need a console that I can play Pokemon on the TV with. I am too used to my 3DS I'll have a movie on the TV and lay on the sofa so I can play my 3DS. When the Switch Lite was announce, boom! Instant interest in a Switch Lite. Just bought one today and I'm so glad I did.

  4. They should of made a whole console by itself in just keep the lite in the Ds vita range .a lot of people crying over this lite I just brought the original one because I use tv in the handheld ima console guy I like switch. It don’t matter just buy the thing in have fun for crying out loud

  5. Wow. People are just not happy and satisfied at all, period. Seriously, people whine that the OG Switch was too big, okay Nintendo came out with the Switch Lite. Now people whine about the Switch Lite because it can't dock to a TV. As if the Switch is literally the ONLY reason you get one. I get that feature is a selling point to get a Switch in the first place, but the Switch Lite is ONLY meant as a handheld and obviously Nintendo DID listen to that crowd. I own a Switch AND the Switch Lite. And before people say 'oh well why did you get two devices', well I can keep my OG Switch in Tabletop mode because I REFUSE to use my OG Switch in a dock because not only am I afraid to scratch the screen, but for space issues too and I can't connect it to my TV anyway, and use my Switch Lite for everything else. ESPECIALLY to take the Lite with me wherever I go. And to be honest, it didn't take me that long at all to get used to it. I fell in love with the Switch Lite straight away. Not everything is about using it solely as a console, otherwise it's just not good. Because to me that is a stupid reason to get an OG Switch JUST to play it docked.

  6. And I think the online check for cloud saves issue that Peter was talking about ONLY applies for games you have downloaded form the e-Shop. For physical games you've bought from a store, I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter and the only time you would have to be online, is obviously for syncing to the cloud and software updates.

  7. Gets handheld device
    "WhY cAN't I DoCk iT"

    It is honestly getting anoying, it's a handheld device your not supposed to connect it to a tv. Almost all the reviews I watch say the lack of docking is a negative. Which I don't understand you buy a handheld device to play it only as a handheld device you don't by 3ds and expect to connect it to your tv, honestly they just need to stop making a big deal over the fact that it can't dock

  8. My nephew has the original and he's been pushing me to get a Switch light so we could team up in Monster Hunter, but I'm 40 and far-sighted; I'm REALLY concerned about Switch Lite's screen size, which is basically the same size as my smartphone.

    I understand the game line-up for Switch are designed with TV connection in mind, so a lot of

    them don't pay attention to font size too much; and I think the Switch Lite missed that… or Nintendo just doesn't care because their ultimate goal is to have us pay $300 for the original AFTER we paid $200 for Lite and got disappointed.

  9. Honestly such a cop out device. Why even call it switch lite when it doesn't even switch? should've just called it "Lite does it even Switch". Selling that for anything over $150 is just a scam. Make a proper Switch lite nintendo…

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