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New Gameplay Today – Final Fantasy VII Remake

Joe Juba Skypes in from Tokyo Game Show to show off some gameplay for Hanson, Cork and Leo’s viewing pleasure.
Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release March 3, 2020 on PS4.

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  1. Wanted to shout out and say thank you for having the forethought to be quiet during the cutscene. Every other news outlet talker over every voiced scene and people want to hear these characters talk. Thanks!

  2. it seems like this game has pause combos similar to devil may cry and ninja gaiden. idk if they noticed but cloud kept doing an entirely different combo than what we have seen so far.

    Edit: Not pause. More rather holding the button down it seems

  3. So is this supposed to be better than FFXV? cuz that was the first FF game that i've played and it did not live to the hype for me and for other veterans of the franchise.

  4. idk if i am the only one but the way Cloud attacks with Buster Sword is like he were holding a key blade , i mean, it looks too light and it is supposed to be a heavy sword, he should hold BS with two hands while he attacks and not so many spins when he does it, it looks a toy sword, ewwww…

  5. Let's hope the Villa Del Sol actually provides something more than a spot to rest.
    Intimate night visit from your gold saucer date? 😀
    Spruce it up into a bed and breakfast to get some passive income going? 😀

  6. Getting Noctis and Gladio vibes from Cloud and Barret..or vise versa?? Lls but imagine a event or crossover where Noctis and friends goes to FF7 world and meet clouds gang(Noctis and Cloud could probably talk about Luna and Aerith before or after their deaths) and Noctis & Cloud goes on a mission where Noctis has a motorcycle with Armiger around it and Cloud has his Advent children motorcycle with the swords 😮 would be EPIC 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

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