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New Gameplay Today – Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Joe Juba and Ben Hanson join Cork and Leo to weigh in on new gameplay from a hotly anticipated take on a historic franchise.
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot releases on January 17. For more, read Joe Juba’s preview here:…

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  1. I hate the awkward pause that happens when you're fighting. When you land some shots and then you and the character just hop back and look at each other awkwardly. It makes the fighting seem clunky and stupid. That's really the reason I haven't bought another DBZ game after Budokai 3

  2. Since it's Dragonball Z Kakarot I'm guessing they'll use the Canon DBZ movies like Battle of God's and Resurrection of F to introduce those new forms, that'd be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. when are they gonna make goku take off his weighted clothing during this fight? I swear if the final version dosent have that ima deck someone in the schnoz

  4. Company makes so much money from Dragon Ball for over a decade and they occasionally throw out brainless boring waste of time cash grab games. Well…..Xenoverse to Fighterz was a good streak of them actually trying. Hopefully things aren't reduced back to yearly releases of this shit.

  5. Really who the fuck are the bitches cackaling through the whole damn demo. They had zero input or insight into the game. Me and my son could do better. They obviously don’t know shit about dbz.

  6. Hey this is my first DBZ game ina while and Raditz killed me like twice …though i couldnt find out how to use my item the first two fights lol :'(

    oh and that hold on Raditz…idk how i remember this..but when Gohan hit Raditz in the chest …it fucked up his chest…so when he was trying to break free from Gokus hold…he couldnt cause of the chest injury that Gohan gave him lol

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