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New Gameplay Today – Contra: Rogue Corps

Shea joins Cork and Leo for a look at two bosses in Konami’s reinvention of the Contra franchise.
Contra: Rogue Corps launches September 24 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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  1. This style of gameplay reminds me of a NES game called Soldiers of Fortune. Kind of wish Contra makers would have been more original at creating a Contra game. Honestly though, I really loved playing Soldiers of Fortune. Look it up.

  2. Give us one shot your dead, side scrolling and top view missions, classic characters and weapons not to mention a wicked rock soundtrack. Don't forget memorable alien bosses at the end of each stage and the classic riff after you defeat every one. That's Contra, this is garbage.

  3. what made contra fun was that it was a plataformer, could have improved on that with amazing graphics, more levels and unlockables, sometimes simple is better. this is utter trash. last good contra i played was contra 3 for SNES.

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