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New Gameplay And Impressions For The Last Of Us Part II

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Reeves talks about his experience playing several hours of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II. If you prefer to listen to the full episode, you can subscribe to the audio version of The…

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  1. 6mins In …and i left this bland description of this soon to be masterpiece. Click on Easy Allies….and man THEY CAPTURE every moment! The vibes that i know I'm going to feel playing this game.
    Game Informer makes this seems like it's a Very gamey video game like Red Dead 2.
    If you want a BETTER description, go over to Easy Allies Preview.

  2. The horse riding bit… It looks semi open world. Anyone else think the same, going off the trailer? Just even one non-linear level would be dead interesting. Although the Seattle suburbs level looks really big, so maybe the combat and/or the exploration areas are just 10x bigger, which again would be really interesting

  3. I think that Dina kills Joel and leaves her bracelet there for Ellie to wear and remember who she after and finds out she is immune and maybe was a firefly and wants to get revenge by killing him bc that could be a hallucination of him

  4. Honestly from the first 5 minutes of watching it I have to say that these 3 individuals are too good at their jobs, from the bad way. I feel that they are overly critical and they don't enjoy these beautiful experiences, witch lead to having a boring breakdown video, and an overly bad impression of the game, when actually its far better than they describe it. You can watch the Easy Allies breakdown video for the same demo( no intent of promoting), but you can feel how different your perceptions of the game are, from the video you watch.

  5. Sorry if I'm spoiling it here but for now- I just don't see any other reason as to why Ellie is gonna go Rambo unless Dina is kidnapped or possibly killed by this enemy group in part II.

  6. Alright i'm not very happy how they just blurted out a crackpot theory that will not be repeated that will in all probability end up being 100% correct without some kind of warning. If it ends up being correct i will undergo every effort to find and throw one of my dueling gloves at game informers building. Sure you may be thinking i'm setting myself up for failure watching a demo reel for a game if i don't want to know that much about it but i know for a fact that the demo had nothing to do actually with what they where showing. my fury will know no bounds if its comes to fruition!

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