MHW: Iceborne – Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting

Monster Hunter World’s first big expansion, Iceborne, brings a ton of new content, and we’ve compiled the best advice we’d have found helpful when first starting up the game.

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  1. "Smaller weapons can't soften a spot"

    What? Did you guys even play the game? It takes TWO clutch attacks to do so and even them the DBs and SnS can weaken a spot with their clutch attack.

  2. This is horrible. All facts About tur claw was not true.. every weapon Will drop slinger ammo from the monster. And the monster Will flinch in the direction its looking. I stopped the vid at tip 1 Because it was so poorly researched.

  3. Oh how about how you miss out of the affinity booster if you rush into Iceborne. My quest line is completely broken. All low/high rank deliveries and side quests done. All exclamation points gathered including research base. All because the third fleet master moved to Selenia and won’t acknowledge my completion of a tingling taste. Fuck this game

  4. Here is a tip. Use blast blight on duel blades. Your welcome. Will break any body part in 1-2 affliction

    I miss the old name scheme, why remake G rank to master

  5. I`m playing Iceborne right now and my stamina bar gets depleted and short, I was told to rest in a hot spring, but how do I do that? I entered the hot spring but nothing happens

  6. Can somebody help me i use to play this game and it restarted my progress so I restarted and it says stand by until the download is complete and the update is allready downloaded any help

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