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GI Show – The Last Of Us Part II, Code Vein, Apple Arcade

On this episode we get to unpack Ben Reeves’ latest adventure where he got to play several hours of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II on the PlayStation 4. After that we compare two games clearly inspired by From Software’s Dark Souls: Code…

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  1. I get that the Apple Arcade is 4.99 and you get games that cost 15 on a console. But how many months do you go by that you don’t download a game? 3 months go by and there isn’t a game you didn’t enjoy. So you paid 15 for the hot lava game.

    What I find funny is that all you have to do is go to the psn store and you would see that it says FVII Remake gives you the info you need. It says FFVII remake "the first entry I’m a multi-part saga….". If you have been following this game since it was announced you know it’s a game that has been broken down into multiple sequels. How many? Parts or sequels we get hasn’t been announced. But going and being surprised that it ends at Midgard if it happens will be far and few between. Sorry buying that CoD and not knowing that there wasn’t a single player campaign is crazy. I don’t even play CoD or watch or read news on that game and knew that.

    As for playing the original FFVII, I say yea go for it. I mean the FFVII remake will have many different things that the original didn’t have.

    A review of a FFVII remake of someone without FFVII or FF experiences I think would make for a bad review. I couldn’t imagine how many times the review would say it didn’t understand this or why this is there.

  2. I hope they frame Ellie's rage centered more on her settled life being destroyed, rather than the death of a crush. Days Gone was much more relatable for the relationship between a husband and wife, similarly the bond between a father and daughter in the last of us worked really well. I'm concerned that losing if Dina dies it wouldn't be relatable enough. If they had been together for years then there is that much more emotional investment. The relationship between Joel and Ellie worked really well because it was a projection of the father daughter relationship, and although they didn't know each other before the game started, we went through a lot with them. Dina does seem like a fridge type character.

  3. 2nd to 4th favorite? Guffaw! This is my #1 favorite gaming podcast. No one consistently hits the length that this show does, while maintaining a deep bench of guests with varying and intelligent opinions. Not to mention the interviews!

  4. hey I’m the youngest child with two older sisters too!

    It ended up being me and the middle child being buddy buddy and the oldest sister being left in the cold, because she went off to south america when we were still pretty young. We still play a lot of video games together it’s rad.

  5. I like the idea of this little girl man handling a bunch of adult males lol.  Then again if a chick could do that it would be one that wears Dock Martins.  As off putting as some elements of TLOF PII are, the game looks incredible.

  6. Gentlemen– I've been watching this podcast for a couple of years now, I reckon, and this has got to be one of the DUMBEST Community Emails sections I've ever had the absolute joy of viewing. I laughed mightily and frequently.

    Thank you all for doing this week after week.

  7. I just hope The Last of Us Part 2 plays well on an original PS4, though its inevitable the game will get a PS5 re-release just like the original game was re-released on PS4. In fact, it may be worth waiting until then honestly – it only took a year for the last one after all.

  8. I don't feel like Joel and Ellie's relationship has been fully developed enough for them to kill off Joel so soon into the franchise. Odds are this will becoming a trilogy and I feel like they will only kill Joel in the third game in a way where he dies trying to protect Ellie in a sacrificial way. It'd be a real gut punch to see Joel again just to be executed by a few scavengers.

  9. I don't think people will be as OK with remasters of current gen games on the PS5 and next Xbox as they were this gen since everything will be backwards compatible next gen. Games should be patched to take advantage of the better hardware, just like they were when the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X came out.

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