Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Isn't What You Think

We see how Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint carries its survival theme through open-world exploration, side missions, PvP, and loot. Captured on PC.

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  1. "I dont want to play this game because it adapted SOME of those rpg elements and it seems too samey…really?" "I wanted more variation" they gave you the rpg elements he just said he loved. and then asked for more variation when you literally have a huge stealth mechanic and a whole different map on a different engine? Hypocrisy.
    The game is a bit different from wildlands but improved alto of aspects on it as well in terms of stealth and nerfing some abilities. Like seeing the cloud of enemies on your map doesnt just come right out the game.

  2. you guys keep saying i wanted wildlands. the only difference is literally just the gear score. and even then the game is very generous.

  3. So they ruined wildlands by making it the division and calling it breakpoint. I play the division but this is supposed to be a tactical shooter series not a looter shooter.

  4. there is nothing wrong with this game, its pretty ok and done to me, my 2 problems is the fact that we dont have AI teammates and we cant play not cool with that ubisoft needs to hop on that before they lose their audiences very quickly

  5. Well damn. What a disappointment. I absolutely lived Wildlands and was looking forward to a similar, but expanded and even more well rounded version of that. Not a Division/Destiny wannabe. Both games disappointed and it looks like this is on its way to doing that as well. The AI squad was a really immersive and compelling aspect of Wildlands and to see that they mixed it¿only to bring it back as an afterthought is really indicative of the bad direction this game is headed. I really wish I were to be proven wrong.

  6. Just to add to the criticisms, the graphics look so dull and bland all throughout. Even Black Ops 2 had decent textures during its time and that was on PS3! Many games on the PS3 had the same graphics from GR: Breakpoint such as Tomb Raider, GTA 5, Destiny, Horizon Zero Dawn or Battlefield 4. I know this game is just a beta release, but couldn't Ubisoft have taken more time to render the graphics to everyone's desire and maybe make the gameplay just like WIldlands instead of butchering it to a Division 2 joke?

  7. There are many things that make this game attractive to me, BUT I just cannot support the kind of store where you can buy anything (skill points, boosters, gear, etc.).

  8. I don't think this is as good as the last 1 it lands know were the last ghost lands. The one thing I wish they have left alone is that you had 3 other players with you in solo mode. In short they have just stuffed a completely good game it should have been call me silly but i thought in the shorts I member from the ghostlands game had defective from the squad and now it was upto the rest of the ghost to haul him in or kill him

  9. Everyone saying this is the same as The Division has obviously never played The Division. Gear score is the only similarity (besides the whole 3rd person thing) but i'm pretty sure you can't stealth anything, steal vehicles and one shot enemies in The Division.

  10. You said the challenge wasnt that hard? May i ask what difficulty you played On? I'm playing it on the hardest mission, with lots of HUD elements turned off and it's punishing as hell, in a good way. Can't just be screwing around.

  11. they need to put your team mates back into the game when your playing solo when I have my teammates with me it’s easier for me to play they need to update that into the game again

  12. I actually like this game. And I loved wildlands. Wish it had more of the survival aspect to it, but it's not a terrible game. But it is like most of the other ubisoft games.

  13. Wildland, Breakpoint…and division 2, all looks similar to Division 1…I think they trying to make more money by recycling old assets 😀 Another Franchise abuse…just like Assassin's creed…. If they remake Ghost Recon Phantom, I' would buy it… but why another Division kind of game –_

  14. I haven't played the others but since I got this for free with hardware…I tried it. The only gripe I have are the bugs and crashing. Other than that…I think the graphics are pretty good. I expect the next iteration to be even more realistic. Of course like momma always said, "want in one hand, shit in the other"

  15. Well, I guess I won't be buying Breakpoint. Was hoping for Wildlands with a more engaging story, new weapons, new map, and tougher bad guys. Seems they delivered but then changed the core shooting and item collecting mechanics. That's a deal breaker.

  16. Really wish I had watched this before impulsively buying the game yesterday. Tried one night on it in the Hope's of finding wildlands 2. It's the division (which is cack) with clunky mechanics and controls

  17. They updated it. It's okay at best. I bought from a friend for 15 dollars and tbh if you are going to buy it then u should wait till it's on sale or if you can get cheaper someone.its not spectacular buts it okay

  18. That's why I like that you can turn it off. I like that a lot better… using my favorite gun without being concern about the color or level.

  19. Why you guys dont turn on this immersion mode or how they call it, it completly removes the whole gearscore thing. Or did they just recently include it?

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