Gears 5 Review

The Coalition adds a lot of smart new ideas to the Gears of War formula in Gears 5.

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  1. 뭔 리뷰점수가이리 짜 캠페인이 전작들하고 비슷하다고 까는거같은데 갓오브워처럼 리부트도아닌데 그럼 언차 2.3.4도 비슷하겠네? 캠페인에서 벽타고 등산과정을 항상하잖아 모험과정도 비슷하고 에라이 비추나 먹어라

  2. Cmon guys take it easy, what do you expect from a site strongly bias to Playstation…. For God sake they gave the same score for gtsport and forza motorsport 7, an 8…. Are you fucking joking?????.. Forza motorsport 7 was launch as a complete package, like 700 cars, inumerous of modes, offline and online, lots of tracks, great driving, car customization, amazing graphics, at perfect performance… On the other side we have gtsport, gamespot need it to wait one month to make the review because the servers were not working, the game was 98 % online, a ridiculous and laughable number of cars, no offline mods at all, the game was launch basically as a DLC with no content at all, remember we are talking about the biggest ip from playstation, the only one that survived since the first Playstation, and after 6 years of waiting, sony launch the game in this state….. And gamespot gave it a 8… If this is an 8, FM7 should be a 12.

  3. Yeah it has excellent mechanics and best graphics by far and the campaign is great up to the point until u finish it and then you're like wtf is that it, man great potential here but come on it needs to be way more. Wtf can we not make a complete story anymore or are we just gonna do like sitcom versions of crap now

  4. This game deserves a 3/10 and that's just for visuals.
    Don't believe me? Go on the Microsoft store and read the review's from actual players and fans.

  5. I really enjoyed this game. I didn't expect it to be as good as it is. The story always left me wanting to know what would happen next. Revisiting mount kadar was an awesome story moment.

  6. I'm an Xbox guy and after gears 3 I was genuinely Un interested in gears of War up until this whole quarantine thing and started finishing games I never finished, so I finished gears 4 which was refreshing but had pretty repetitive campaign combat, but graphics are amazing, and so are the cutscenes and story telling. And I just finished gears 5 and wow gears 5 did so many things right, from combat variety, to story telling, to amazing graphics even better than gears 4, to the feel of the over all game. It's not perfect and without its flaws, such as micro transactions, and generic multi-player. But man I give this game a solid 9. if you don't feel like buying it, just rent it from game pass and give it a try. I can say I am a gears fan again and I am excited for the future of this series.

  7. I finished this game yesterday and this score is pure BS. Man, I really can't rely on Gamespot review these days…there was a time when GS used to be the industry standard when it came to reviews and criticism…

  8. Everybody here is upset they gave it a 7/10.
    Everybody on IGN is upset they gave it 9/10.

    They're subjective opinions people. Unbunch your fucking panties.

  9. please suggest a good, open world, and can be co op, if it is co op then good, game, i am too bad at searching for games, please suggest me some, i dont want a really high priced game, decent priced, maximum could be around 1200 inr (16 usd) and as i have a laptop, with intel core i5, and mx250 gpu, and 8gig ram, please suggest a game not really very resource intensive, i dont want a game, in which there is only shooter and nothing else

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