Borderlands 3 Zane Guide: Character Builds And Skills

So you’re interested in playing as Zane in Borderlands 3? We got you covered with the best tips to make the most out of his skills.

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  1. I’ve been doing perfectly fine using both skills. Clone and barrier. Plus barrier is a dome. You get more than enough grenades with the skills he mentioned. Using transfusions grenades also means you have an almost constant amount of health coming in. Also a skill that will sacrifice your clone for a second wind which is great for solo play

  2. Ok. Haven't fully watch the video, but I wanted you to know that youtube stop playing after the "You will be inZane not to play Zane" like … even youtube cannot deal with this. Hahaha

  3. I use digiclone and sntnl and its constantly raining grenades from both of them. Get mirv grenade mod and it's pure chaos. This "Zane expert" does not know what he is talking about.

  4. To anyone reading the comments and wanting actual advice, I picked up an expensive anointed Torgue gun from Crazy Earl's vending machine. The anointed ability Regens 12% of my gun's magazine while the Digi-Clone is active. It doesn't tell me how much bonus the sticky gyrojets do, but instead of just 16 stickies, i was getting about 25 in a magazine. took my boss damage through the roof. 1/3 of boss health in a single magazine. crazy stuff. going to have to experiment more.

  5. Actually the clone's grenade ability transitions whether grenades are in the ability slot or not. Just keep them in your inventory slot and the clone uses it anyways. I earned shit tons of money using Tina's special money grabbing grenade while having my digiclone and the sentinel active together. Once the drone starts giving movement perks per kill and shooting hailstorms of rockets instead of bullets, and the clone starts building health and damage perks, they both stack Zane and themselves with overlapping boosts. With both their kill skill perks, they become a mini death squad. I've literally walked across a battlefield without shooting a single bullet while the drone and clone kill everything in sight. And when you add the hailfire perk(I forget what its actually called) the drone gains duration or even resets the duration for each kill within the drop zone once you've fired it(can only do it once though). And the stacks you get continuously increase per kill until the percentage increase slows to a crawl, then the duration finally stops extending. So you can pretty much keep upping the pain train on your enemies over time until the perk extensions become so minimal that they stop working. Eventually both run dry, but in the mean time THEIR kills boost YOUR stats and health(and vice versa), while TAKING the damage you suffer from enemies AWAY from you at the same time. So by trading the Barrier's extra shielding for others, you get massive speed and regeneration for yourself.

  6. Here’s a better guide for y’all: play Zane like you’re a one man army not a grenade spammer, you can use sntnl to focus on an enemy and you to deal damage to another person killing two birds with one stone, your digi clone feels more like you’re swapping from one P to two P, you get in a lot of trouble and you just disappear out of there, you can use it as twice as much fire power, and the list goes on, and the barrier is just an extra shield, not much to say, very useful in some areas with little cover, and not so much in other cases. Disagree with me? Please give me your opinion or your thoughts but don’t just say “You’re wrong” without elaborating

  7. This is a really bad guide. Sentinel is the most useful early on unless you want to be hunting down grenade pickups and waiting for the digiclone cooldown and dying the whole time. Sentinels' shield recharge and movement speed buffs plus the life steal make you pretty much make you a speed demon vampire with a pet drone, all these skills you can get pretty early on

  8. Made a Moze to start, then FL4K, now finally trying Zane. Moze has been frustrating lately but I still wanted a similar playstyle to Axton, which both Zane and Moze provide.

    While Moze carries over Axton's explosive skills and grenade fun, Zane takes Axton and Jack's killskill playstyle and runs with it HARD. I love killing an enemy and then becoming this massive hurricane of death and destruction with bonus damage, movement speed, reload, fire rate, etc. You zoom around the battlefield and can shred enemies like tissue paper.

    I'm only halfway through normal mode so far with Zane, but I'm glad I started him fresh after his recent buff, because he is insanely fun to play right now (As far as leveling goes, can't say for endgame just yet.)

  9. i personally do not have the game but when i do i wanna see the good skins you can use i like looking for both style and tactile use if i cant find both i pick the best moral choice which would be the next highest character with said style. i just wanna see those good looks like in bdl 2 with zero, i mean he looks cool has pretty darn good looking heads and he just looks great with the right skin to match what i am saying is i want to fnd the best looking zane look with my personal standards so far i found overal nice looks but i want to see the rest of them i want to find that golden look. the one you first see and know that one is gonna be it for the rest of my playthrough and i have found decency just i want more im hungry for information that sadly i canot get myself

  10. When you spec the digiclone tree grenades aren't really important because they'll get used no matter what so you'll be able to use 2 skills at the same time. I use clone and barrier and it's perfect just throw the shield and spawn a clone and you'll do mad damage when my skills are active every first shot throws a grenade and the clone throws grenades too while spawned so don't worry about losing your grenades

  11. its been almost half a year now, i began playing the game 2 weeks ago, zane as first character… i startet with digiclone, and speced down till i had the final for teh digicloned weapon.. i did not went for grenade boni. but then i added teh sentinel subspec and i may cant throw grenades but i dotn need to becasue clonezane and zoomer are constabntly doing so. and with teh workign grenademods on zoomer i love nothing more then the grav grenades it basicly gave me maya as pet. i do enjoy dhal vladof and torgue weapons together with teh accasional jakobs. my pal playing moze was like "that the Fuck is happening?!?" due the massive carnage and chaos of randomly flying stuff on his screen

  12. He's not the only one who can use 2 skill trees at the time, Moze is able to do that too, worst tutorial i've ever seen

  13. The best way to play Zane is to take barrier and digi clone, then upgrade digi clone tree first so you can give your clone a copy of your weapon which means that your damage is doubled+25% from barrier+over 65% from your abilities+additional 60% for your clone via grenade consumtions, and most important – you have 2 abilities to save yourself with low cd. If player will play correctly with Zane, the only enemy that can kill him its either a bugs or some source of immediately death such as abysses.

  14. I am a Shoot and Hide, Run at them when they are wide and open. So I just use The Sentinel and Barrier. I always carry it good up close Shot gun and Carry long ranged range weapons. 1 Shotgun, 2 Snipers, 2 Pistol

  15. Best gun with Zane using Duct tape Grenade skill, Tediore. I have a Tediore SMG with homing 5 mirv. Throw Digi-Zane from where you would throw a grenade.

    Don’t swap with Digi-Zane if he is surrounded. Use that advantage, and use the map to keep an eye on him.

  16. I use the shield and drone combo, with most of the drone skill tree maxed out. I equipped a class specific item that also allows for extra speed in terms of movement as well as reloading and fire rate. I have the drone set with the ability to drain shields from enemies and a couple other things. When you get used to the quicker movement it makes Zane INCREDIBLY badass to play as. It's kinda like playing as a Scout in Team Fortress 2, but slightly quicker. For the guy in this vid to say it's a mistake playing with two action skills as Zane means he has no idea what he's doing with him.

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