Borderlands 3 Moze Guide: Character Builds And Skills

So you’re interested in playing as Moze in Borderlands 3? We got you covered with the best tips to make the most out of her skills.

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  1. There seems to be a glitch to allow Auto bear to stay out for 2 minutes, you do it by deploying Iron Bear in Sanctuary and jumping out letting auto bear take over , in missions he will then stay out for the whole cooldown

  2. Bottomless Mags also has a tier 1 skill that, when maxed, makes every 4th bullet that you fire deal bonus damage and not cost ammo. Essentially using a large magazine, high rate of fire weapon, you'll have ~30% more ammo to play with and a big damage boost. One of her best skills IMO, although the bonus damage is incendiary, so keep it in mind if you're going up against damage resistances.

  3. What a shame, you guys have a very underwhelming definition of expert. Well I guess that's a given shill gaming channels that do this for money.

    Where's the passion guys? Come on!

  4. I honestly found this video hastily put together and unnecessary. It was not engaging and did a poor job of getting its point across. I love y’all, but maybe a little more research and production on these character series would go a long way. I found many way more interesting and well thought out character videos on YouTube.

  5. They said the skill trees focus on iron bear. When in reality they all focus on moze and the mech isn’t really a focus. Prob why all the end game builds for her barely use the mech unless it’s a panic button to survive damage and heal up

  6. Imagine saying Shield of Retribution isnt good for solo whilst I roam around with a shield that has 47,000 value and tons of damage resistance

  7. I chose Moze because I thought it'd be badass to have a giant fucking robot with you and it is. Shes perfect for my play style, which is just run and gun. I played a lot of Titanfall too so it's cool to have a mech suit

  8. General speaking, no ability icons, no skill trees shown, very few gameplay examples (it's just random gameplay)
    This "Guide" isn't really helping you at all, it's more of a "talk about this epic fun game and you can do a lot of different things with Moze"-kinda vid

  9. Almost all of the information in this video is bad. For instance, Torgue Cross-Promotion doesn't double damage, it doubles radius, each tree has 2 associated Iron Bear weapons, and Shield of Retribution is great for solo after you get Desperate Measures. My favorite solo build is Demolition Woman for the nearly infinite grenades available with Means of Destruction.

  10. I’m specing to Bottomless Mags (green) and Demolition Woman (blue). If you want to unleash a near never-ending rain of burning lead and firery explosions on space beasts, Maliwan fascists, and most of all; the COV cultheads, this builds for you.

  11. Basically guys who probably haven’t finished the game with the characters and play on the easiest mode not reaching the true depths of the different characters and finding the important synergies.

  12. Guys anyone know does iron bear melee attacks proc berzerker artefact? I think they do buff rage wich affects fire rate out of bear

  13. My build:

    Start with Bottomless Mags for Ammo, then focus on Demolition Woman for Splash Damage.

    Both Action Skills are V35 Grenade Launcher.
    Action Skill right is Vanquisher Rocket Pad with no Augment skill for maximum splash damage and focused rocket hits.
    Action Skill left is Vanquisher Rocket Pad with Active Tracking for flying or far away enemies.

    Guns are Unlimited Mag guns for the ammo regen.
    Keep 2 guns as your fun guns that can be anything.
    Keep other 2 with unlimited mags so you can regen ammo in the middle of a gun fight.

    Try this! Have fun!

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