Borderlands 3 FL4K Guide: Character Builds And Skills

So you’re interested in playing as FL4K in Borderlands 3? We got you covered with the best tips to make the most out of their skills.

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  1. I use to do Stalker before I accidentally erased my profile and had to start over
    Now I do hunter master. Master is really good for keeping your pet from being cannon fodder which I was relieved about. At the same time I really liked the Jabber the companion and I just found Hunter to have a better action skill. Rakk attack is just great for dealing with crowds of enemies vulnerable to fire or ice.

  2. Kinda late to the party but all you guys calling the player out for not calling the stalker tree the ultimate shit… You do realize that the average player won't play the game to reach level 100 and just do the story missions and most of the side missions , right ? There's no way of powering all the three skill trees and the guy simply favoured the other 2 above the stalker because his playing methods.
    Chill out with your "you should share my point of view otherwise I will call you out" bullshit. Jesus fricking Christ!

  3. bruh, stalker tree the best tree, a couple of my friends and i took a time race to see who could kill tyreen the fastest, me the stalker, won by a little less the 3 minutes…

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