Borderlands 3 And The Art Of Endgame

Borderlands 3 is a great game that raises complicated questions about sequels, expectations, and franchise evolution. In this video, we tackle them all.

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  1. It's funny because my friends say the endgame is lacking direction and structure. They hit 50 and don't feel powerful, and don't see a clear path to being powerful.

  2. i mean…i wouldnt call some time trails a meh arena and second playthrough a 'good endgame'. Its not bad a game, i enjoyed it, but its just that, not a bad game, but its not that great either.

  3. end game is pretty underwhelming to me. ive played around 100 hours and things just dont seem worth while. the circles of slaughter are long and repetitive, proving grounds is more mob killing but with little reward and bosses provide plenty of loot and are easy to kill. its still early and things will evolve as more content is added but currently i dont see any reason to partake in activities as they feel pointless.

  4. Uh…gears 5 needed the new mechanics is has. That's for sure.
    I'm a huge fan of the series but it's kinda on this COD copy and paste train so I'm glad they shook up the box

  5. Honestly after completing my build the guardian rank trees running trials and circles of slaughter seems pointless since the xp is worthless and there are no drops since my build is complete unsure what to do pls help

  6. “Outdated formula” is that not what we (borderlands fans) we’re looking for? If you keep pressuring well established and loved developing studios to constantly innovate, you get a call of duty situation. Where you keep changing and changing when all everyone wanted was the same thing as the previous release, but with quality of life improvements and add ons.

  7. Only problem with mayhem mode is on console you have to beat normal mode to unlock mayhem. No problem but if you want to play mayhem in tvhm you ALSO have to beat the game again. It doesn't work like it does on PC where you just have to get to sanctuary

  8. Honestly, playing Borderlands 3 just made me want to go back and replay Borderlands 1&2, those definitely had better endgame, hopefully they actually fix their game and add something to do in the “end game”.

  9. I feel like borderlands 3 doesn't give you anywhere to go though, like I finished the game and the trials and all that jazz, and all I can do is farm some bosses for some legendary's and slightly tweek my character every dam time the change somthing. And I mean i agree the end is better than the beginning, but that same fact takes away my ability to play through the story on my second or third character,just finishing true vault hunter mode was a a drag. Now I like this game a lot and I'm not trying to bash it, but I feel like being happy with the end game is just a front to not admit that the story and early game is dreadful

  10. compared to borderlands 2 it isnt good endgame. “respecting players time” is nice and all, but in my opinion, if you want your “time respected” you shouldnt be playing borderlands endgame. i think, and admittedly borderline 2 fucked up massively here, casual players should be able to go from level 1 all the way to max with no trouble what so ever. no stupidly hard “ultimate vault hunter” mode, nothing. they should also be able to access all content. however for those who are willing to invest the time and grind, an endgame with super difficult enemies and pathetically difficult raidbosses should be there. its such a shame because if borderlands 2 simply fixed ultimate vault hunter mode itd be the perfect game. bl3 improved it for casuals sure, thats a good thing… but it came at the cost of making it worse for the hardcore, and much like with destiny, that just isnt right

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