The Outer Worlds' Combat Is Surprisingly Fun

We played two hours of Obsidian’s open-world RPG on PC, and came away more excited for its October release.

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  1. This looks depressing. i hate games where i cant fully control the whole party in combat.
    "Outer worlds" might as well be a solo game. Turn-based for the WIN!!

    But oh man those conversation faces have zero expressions. Also you are stuck in the dialogue camera with those lifeless robots……..

  2. Bethesda's days are over. The video mentioned the shooting mechanics in TOW as a big improvement, but that's because Obsidian, is using Unreal Engine 4. Todd Howard stated "Starfield", and "TES6" will continue to use the outdated (modified) Creation Engine (to cut costs; he didn't state that, obviously). The Creation Engine can't even have vertical ladders and has loading screens for so-called open worlds. No vehicles, either. Bethesda is living in the past. Long live CDPR, Obsidian and other true ARPG makers…

  3. It looks kinda fun, I'm not fond of the art direction they went with, they're using Unreal engine yet it still looks like a fallout game? Weird.

  4. I hope this game comes to be defined as more than just 'Fallout but better'. All the work that will have been put into this game deserves recognition in it's own right

  5. Why are they talking about Bethesda, this Dev is the parent of fallout. It's not a Bethesda game. New Vegas was notably better than F3. Bethesda RPGs really aren't great other than Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. Skyrim isn't really even an RPG at that

  6. I'm still really on the fence about this. Kinda looks like the love child of fallout and no man's sky.. Now, I love fallout (not 76, that pile of s**t can burn in an atomic hell) and no man's sky is, which is better than it was but there's nothing here that I'm getting overly excited about. It all just seems mostly 'ok'.

  7. I was not a big fan of the looks the game have but are starting to like it to be honest. Can really se how mods could make it feel fresh and good looking for years to come 🙂

  8. I will play this game because of Obsidian's New Vegas.    I will not play this game because of Fallout 1, 2, 3, 4, or any of those horrible Fallout tablet games.

  9. Am I the only one that has noticed the somewhat dumb enemy ai that just kinda stumbles around and reacts very slowly; or the fact that the players seem to hardly take any damage in any of these clips? Just noticing that no one else has mentioned these things.

  10. Subjectively the combat looks a bit stale. Maybe not as stale as a Fallout game, but it looks close enough to draw comparisons. It may just be the case that the people who recorded their game sessions just didn't capture how good the combat can really be.

  11. I actually don't like the combat. Im playing on hard and I pretty much never use food items as I've never had a reason to. Enemies are dying super fast for me and I have 62 fucking heal things so far as I haven't even needed to use it yet

  12. Except it's not? Guns feel like they have no weight when you shoot and I feel like theres no feedback when getting hit so before you know it you are low on health.

  13. They're talking like mouse and keyboard wasn't the gold standard controller for FPS lol..

    Patrolling on youtube almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter..

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