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The Origins Of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Reboot

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Infinity Ward’s campaign gameplay director Jacob Minkoff and studio narrative director Taylor Kurosaki talk about leaving Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare behind, why they didn’t choose to create a Modern…

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  1. to be honest i dont like games like infinite warfare cus i personaly i dont like robots electric guns and shit i like games like mw 2019 or other modern warfares

  2. Growing up with modern warefare this makes me a little sad I truly wish that this was a prequel to modern warfare 4 and that infinite warefare was in the same universe as modern warfare

  3. At the bigging of the video, he said that he want's to make gameplay the no game had before, the new cod mw feels very much like battlefield. Not a fanboy, just realistic. Btw, the new cod is absalutly incredible.
    Sorry about my english, don't shoot my knees manandaz…

  4. guy one: "we're running out of ideas, and people hate recent cod games, what do we do?"
    guy two : "let's just fucking reboot the whole series we just fucked with customers (we killed their loved characters) and suck their money as much as possible"
    guy three : "let's do this!!"

    some people : "wow!! this is great!!"

    and some other people who think differently : "fuck you"

    no offensive guys, take it easy. 😂😂😂😂

  5. “What if price was a woman? “ see I’m sick of that bs. Instead of making male characters female, how about you just make a new female character? SJW’s..

  6. I like the realistic tone but why not just make a new series entirely? Instead of “rebooting” a franchise that defined a generation?

  7. Lol did he seriously ask why not change Price to a woman? Thank god for video game journalism. How else would we know the answers to all of the pressing questions?

  8. infinity ward had 3 years to make this legendary game, treyarch however also had 3 years to make cold war, but if you ask someone who doesnt know these games, they will say that modern warfare is the newer game..

  9. congrats, MW2019 is officially the worst call of duty to date of all time. Game is literally made for bots who never touched cod before.

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