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New Impressions Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's Campaign And Development

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Dan Tack, and Brian Shea share more details from their trip to Infinity Ward to see and play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. They talk about the new groundwar mode and its similarities to a battle royale and share…

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  1. Reality would be an Islamic fighter fighting NATO soldiers(at least you can consider Iraq and Afghanistan occupation). Russians have exactly one air-force base in Syria and a few FOBs with spec ops. If these developers tried to depict a realistic world, they could pull from literally any of a dozen or so conflicts in the world. By all means, if you feel the need to feed the anti-Russian propaganda machine, make your "modern setting" in modern day equivalent of Ukraine. How about exploring a Palestinian rebel fighting Israelis? How about a Kurd fighter fighting the Turks? Yemenis fighting the Saudis? Afghanis fighting ANA/ASF and American troops? Nope, we will stick to the Russia is bad, America is good narrative. Way to think outside the box guys…

  2. dudes nowdays got to much estrogen in them with very low testasterone so damn feminine how the hell you guys feel so sensitive about a damn video game campaign ITS RATED M FOR A REASON!!!!! just stick with kids game like fortnite and BO4 and live this masterpiece for grown men

  3. Everyone keeps talking up the violence like it’s the most intense experience ever, but I remember hearing the exact same thing about cod: WW2 and it really wasn’t as bad as they made it out to be…anyone else think this violence is being over exaggerated a bit too haha?

  4. Dude in the pink shirt really needs to grow up, if you can make it through 13 Hours, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and whatever other visceral war films are out I'm 100% certain you can withstand the "ghastly horrors" he's complaining about on this game.

  5. I absolutely respect your opinion of the campaign not being for you. I respect anyone's opinion of that. I don't look down on you for that in any way. However, war is ugly and horrible. People getting shot is not pretty. I'd rather play a game that doesn't take this lightly. I want a game that makes me feel bad when I shoot the wrong person. I want to be moved by the games I play. So I absolutely am a huge fan of an in your face, emotional, no holds barred campaign.

  6. It makes me laugh when i hear people talk about how a video story is to edgy or offending or how games constitute violence. First of all its not real its just a game telling a great story. Second, how can you say these things about a video game when movies and TV shows have been doing things like this for years?

  7. Why are people giving COD so much crap for having a gory campaign it’s rated (in my country) r16 for a reason if you are scared or just think that there should be a “non lethal” campaign don’t get the game it’s so simple and you don’t need to rant about it yeah I’m a bit young for the game but I’m not ranting about it but I’m happy for having a good looking cod for once in years, thank you

  8. I’m genuinely praying there ISNT a battle royale in this game. I’m so tired of battle royal, there are plenty of options out there for it and personally, I don’t think Battle Royale goes with Modern Warfare. A Battlefield Ground War-esque mode would be perfect for this game. Not battle royale.

  9. Can’t wait to just massacre everyone who isn’t used to the Modern Warfare Series, like the people who started to play during the Advanced Warfare or Futristic Era

  10. Oh my God you guys are really sensitive. I can't imagine you get much trim acting like that. For goodness sakes it's a video game. A wargame you morons. And you sit there and drivle on about the violence.

  11. I was a big COD fan back when the original Modern Warfare and MW2 released. Eventually Battlefield grabbed my attention up until BF4. After that, I lost interest. Now it seems like Infinity Ward is going to give me Battlefield 5 but better.

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