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New Gameplay Today – The Outer Worlds (4K)

Joe joins Cork and Leo for an extensive look at Obsidian’s much hyped RPG, which is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25, with a Switch release coming sometime afterward.
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  1. I like evething about this game. It all seems promessing except the AI, it seems pretty dumb to me :/ hope they'll upgrade!

  2. 15:07 I liked the Oblivion lock-picking game as well. It at least took some skill, as opposed to just 'find the random sweet-spot'.

    But still, I'd rather lock-picking just be a stat-check.

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  4. How do you feel about the design? Long pause. Im not a fan either. I was excited for this game but the art direction just seems indecisive. At times its no mans sky and then at others its Old west pioneer looking its an ugly blend which just looks like a mess.

  5. That crosshair is really annoying to look at. I really hope they add a feature to Raise it back to the center because I may or may not purchase this game depending on that crosshair behing so low. I can't stop looking at it even just from watching the video my focus is on how low that crosshair is…

  6. I'm very surprised at how much negative comments I've been seeing in the comment sections of Outer Worlds content. The character creation in terms of skills,perks and dialogue options, leveling up your character seems to be on a different level than most other games that are coming out these days. But I guess people really only care about graphics and combat mechanics since that is what I see most people complaining about. You can literally play this game almost any way you want. Want to kill everyone? You can do that. Want to be a pacifist and not kill any humans at all? You can do that. Want to be able to complete missions purely through dialogue? Yup. This game is all about being able to play it any style that you see fit. That's the kind of stuff that's important to me. Choices, dialogue, consequences, character customization, exploration, and replay-ability. Seems like this game checks off all of those boxes. I have no idea why everyone expected this game to have state of the art graphics and polished fps combat. Obsidian was a AA indie developer when they began the dev of this game. I know Microsoft bought them out, but they most likely will not reap the benefits of that until their next game. They had a very tight budget and deadline, like almost every other game they have made, and what they manage to do with the resources they have is nothing short of art. This games strengths are looking to be in engaging narrative driven plot lines, being presented with moral dilemmas that give you the choice to finish quests any way you want, with consequences for your actions. An open landscape that rewards exploration. Unique dialogue based on the skills you have developed while building and customizing your character. This game isn't about next gen style combat or graphic textures. It's not about padding the length of the game by forcing you to search for scrap to build guns to break down guns for scrap to build guns, etc. etc. etc. It's a call back to a time when games were about a story that made you feel like you were a part of the universe that the game is taking place in. Sadly, that seems to be less and less what the market has moved to financially. Now it's all about how the game looks, the marketing, and over stated hype that inevitably leads to disappointment. Obsidian has been crystal clear about what the expectations for this game should be. If you can accept that this isn't going to be a FPS combat masterclass, and that the graphics of this game is not where the devs decided to focus the limited time and resources into, then you won't miss out on what looks to be another immersive, open ended narrative driven RPG made by the people who do it better than almost anyone else in the business.

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