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New Gameplay Today – Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Realism Mode

Game Informer’s Dan Tack, Ben Hanson, Jeff Cork, and Leo Vader show off new gameplay from Infinity Ward’s return to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to kick off the magazine’s month of exclusive content found at

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  1. i think shooters need better ragdoll physics especially when you shoot a dead body. The bullets just go thru it, as if the body isnt a part of the game anymore. its just something which bothers me the most. Rockstar Games is one of a few who does this right.

  2. Keep the lame ass gun camo and player skins out of the game please. Really don’t wanna see some idiot in all pink with a pink gun running around.

  3. "Realism mode"…seconds in, gets shot with zero consequences, then jumps off a ledge and lands effortlessly. I'm done with this

  4. Infinity ward is the ONLY developer that should be touching the call of duty games. Just look at the original modern warfares 1 and 2 and tell me they aren't masterpieces in the series

  5. Would buy if it had no MTX's like the originals. They were balanced, consistent. Now it's trashy and greedy ;(
    Three vs Three Team Tactical <3

  6. "realism" but suppressors still slow down bullets? Not how it works IRL guys. Make the gun slower to get into the sights on. But the penetrating ability goes up because muzzle velocity increases with suppressors.

  7. I saw legs at 10:42 and I hope theyre there. I know this is a weird gripe but I need legs in my game. Can't have a realistic game and be a ghost. Give me legs in the MP and Campaign, all the other CoDs have it now except WWII SMH.

    Anyways I love the way the game looks. I can't wait to play it!

  8. Im cringing so hard. ''You can even make an M4 with a pistol grip'' um, yeah, i hope so? Cons is that guns kill people? Hello? Are you braindead?

  9. It’s like only the good parts of Insurgency, Battlefield, and COD came together and melted together and become one great game. I think this game will be incredible once we learn about the micro transaction system.

  10. What if in realism mode the in-game chat sounded like actual military grade comms. Like if the sound quality lowered and a voice filter was applied.

  11. We will never see maps like in cod2 again. I mean all the new cod maps are just pathways, but nothing like huge buildings with much windows, squares and such.

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