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New Gameplay Today – Astral Chain

Reiner joins Cork and Leo for an early look at the breakout game of Nintendo’s E3 Direct, Astral Chain from PlatinumGames.
Astral Chain is coming to Switch on August 30.

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  1. what's with Japanese games thinking their terrible terrible stories are worth experiencing?  There are so many crap stories with long cut scenes and walls of dialogue that is literally unlistenable and unreadably bad.  I just can't do it anymore…  Only the heavily localized ones are even a little tolerable.

  2. The guy made a mistake and said maybe there are 6 legions, hopefully there’s a secret sixth one kind of like the Rodin weapon in the bayonetta games

  3. The casual difficulty that he is playing on is the lowest difficulty. The "standard" mode is the medium/normal difficulty and you unlock the hard mode by beating standard.

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