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Is Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare A Political Game? Here's Infinity Ward's Answer

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s campaign gameplay director Jacob Minkoff and studio narrative director Taylor Kurosaki explain why they don’t see the game’s campaign as “political” and how they define the…

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  1. Ah yes, our game about war that uses modern themes, political termoils and fears, events that happened for the last 2 decades in the middle east and Europe and a lot blame flipped war crimes isn't political because political allegory isn't something we think exists

  2. It's kind of insane to say this isn't political. It very clearly has politics. They present you with ideologies, and some of them are presented as being good, while others are bad. I think that, because we find them so agreeable, we refuse to recognize them as political. It certainly doesn't help that the phrase political has been chiseled down to a point where people only view gender and identity as 'political', but politics is of a much larger scope.

  3. ANYONE that thinks this game or any war game is not about politics, CLEARLY has no concept of allegory. Anyone that thinks this edition of CoD is free from "SJW wokeness" is about as sharp as a wooden spoon. It is IMPOSSIBLE to create any military story of any substance without evolving politics because ALL military operations are driven by politics same as the stories. Especially, when you consider that each operation had some shred of truth behind all of them (and you think the real world ops that these were based off of WEREN'T politically driven?!). Either these writers are extremely naive or they were just pandering to the fan base for the sake good of business.

  4. actualy it is politica. you got gaz from white to black
    in the embassy you try to save the asian
    you got lots of women fighting and trying to escape
    you got a woman in general rank
    hmm sounds prety much political correct. now we need a romance between alex and price and all is set!

  5. when gamers hear the word "political" all they hear are liberals virtue signaling, meanwhile the department of defense and the CIA can inject pro intervention propaganda and nobody will call them out for it, because it's the status quo for what is politically accepted.

    when you see a blue haired lesbian with leftist leaning, OMG POLITICS! GET THEM OUT OF MY VIDYA! but when for the better part of two decades the Pengaton has used the medium of games, movies and TV to secure the interest of foreign policy, nobody calls them out, because people have been conditioned to believe that things like the Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan is normal, where in reality it's anything but normal.

  6. Of course it's a political game, you keep talking about the "propaganda" of the china communist party, the "propaganda" of the "dictators" of Russia, Venezuela or Iran but this nazi videogame it's best strategy of the dark forces who runs US, to control the weak minds of millions of kids and youngsters around the world, with lies like the: glorious army of the US brings "freedom" and "democracy" to the world, nothig more far from reality, the puppet government of US only protects the interests of the white rich people in NATO empire, and uses kids who played games like this trash to be a future murderers from private nazi militias or the biggest nazi army today (US army)

  7. This is a politically correct game that deems Russians as villains, hides the mistakes of the American soldiers, and pushes equality bullsh*t. They don’t want to make Muslims an enemy, because that would be Islamaphobic. Here they sit down and deny the game political in favor of profit margins. What a bunch of massive Hippocrates.

  8. Taylor Kurosaki is either an idiot or a moron. Maybe both. That's not what being political means. His game is political, all the way. One has to be an idiot or a moron to not see that. But then again, one has to be a moron or an idiot to like Call of Duty games.

    He says a man who uses a man and a child and torture is his hero.

    Taylos Kurosaki is shit!

  9. That bald guy is ridiculous. If you're talking about political themes without naming specific rulers, powers, etc. you're still talking politically.
    Like, if you use this guys definition of political art, then animal farm isn't political because they never actually use the name "Stalin". Fucking stupid.

  10. “We want to present the different perspectives; we don’t want to say that one of them is correct.”
    Russia: Ruthlessly kills father in front of his kids and strangles a little girl.
    West: “Children are non-combatants.”

  11. Can't believe people got satisfied with these answers. In the end, one has to put up with the "US is always the good guy delivering freedom elsewhere to save the world" bullshit propaganda in order to play an amazing shooting game.

  12. Fuck for being so apolitical these two worms sure know how to play the politician fucking ducking questions left and right. amazing. It would have gone better for them if they just admitted it was pro western Imperialist propaganda, like we all knew it would be, the 10year old idiots, the white dude-bro types, and the war crime committing America soldiers who eat that slop all day would have loved it and all the think pieces from the "not fundamentally changing anything" crowd would have been written almost exactly the same, and at the end of the day the capitalist grinder would have rolled on unabated. but, no, now this turd can just sit here forever an open wound drawing both sides into pointless bloodletting. Absolute master class, tears in my fookin eyes.

  13. Seeing comments praising these people for keeping politics out of games is hilarious that they fell for such an obvious or move as saying the game about war is not political

  14. My favourite non-political moment in this game was when the terrorists non-politically bombed London and then you had to non-politically perform no-knock raids on the non-political terrorists' homes.

  15. it's so cringe to watch these hand-wringing libertarians talk around the issue without actually saying anything because they're so dreadfully afraid of using their near unlimited resources and authority to say anything concrete or meaningful in the biggest video game franchise of all time. because that would be "political." just a flimsy, plastic pastiche. I'm glad these morons are gone.

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