How Ground War Gameplay Works In Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare has massive big team battles that can go up to a hundred people. We discuss how this mode works in a Call of Duty game.

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  1. Being a good game is not equal tô being better than Battlefield .First of ALL for that u need same amount of players in same match or more to be better than bf.20 vs 20 is what made me not like that much This New game altough the gun play is cool.still looks way better than previously cod games

  2. I remember the old days when it was COD vs BF.

    At this point, I admit, BF did fall off what it was and COD is now taking up that mantle. The only way BF can get back is by bringing back Bad Company, complete destruction, the OG basically.

  3. My question is why do ps4 get the bata 1st when there geting total cross play in the gamw… were no mater your a console or pc player using controler you will play with them all…

  4. Call of duty tries so hard to be something else that they’re not, not saying the game isn’t good it’s just that they should’ve rebranded instead because this definitely doesn’t feel like call of duty.

  5. as a battlefield fan for years, i havent touched it since BF4. BF4 was good, but it was where i saw the franchise going down. Im happy call of duty is getting better finally and i hope plenty more battlefield fans move over to this new call of duty.

  6. Concept is great, but at least in this video, the coloration look extremely watered out and textures/assets looks like they did in 2010.

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