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GI Show – Modern Warfare's Campaign, Evo, Xbox's Matt Booty Interview

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Dan Tack, and Brian Shea share new details on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare based on our cover story trip and Suriel Vazquez talks about going to EVO 2019. After some great community emails, we’re joined by the…

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  1. 33:35 for your fucking kind information Game informer Arsalan Ash beat the shit out of these players you piece of shit, that's the first time he played and show you guys that he can chop all the ass bitche, so correct that first or this will be dangerous for this page, it's going in Pakistan soon, all that shit that you talked about Ash, he chop asses one by one Korean guy played his own way and Ash did to, correct that or face it soooooon

  2. Im was really hoping they would do a gamer's club with Fire Emblem Three Houses. It is my first Fire Emblem game and would like to hear it discussed. I think you guys really dropped the ball on whats feels like a sort of Tent pole game for the Switch this Summer, but maybe im wrong? Either way go team Black Eagles!

  3. Andy didnt really get to talk during the EVO segment. Other dude needs to chill and share the stage since it seemed pointless to even have Andy on that segment.

  4. Is it weird that game informer constantly seems to always find some shade to throw at Microsoft. I get wanting to know something but asking does any studio want to buy itself free like really most of the og studios where made by Microsoft and the others where just bought how dumb is that question

  5. 2:25:09 THE OUTER WORLDS 2 question to Matt Booty about it being a "Microsoft" (not Xbox) exclusive (If you want to skip over all the other 2 hours of nonsense!)
    Matt Booty is not 100% stating here that "Yes it will be Microsoft Exclusive" because the question was leading by this interviewer from game informer.

  6. This call of duty conversation reminds me of Kojima saying that if he didn’t handle his MGSV story properly he would have to leave the industry because of how sensitive the subject matter was. And we all know what came if that. Nothin’.

  7. I'm about 2 weeks behind and I'm just now watching this the day after the layoffs. I am so, so sad, and my thoughts and prayers are with the whole the GI family. I will miss everyone who is no longer a part of the team and want to follow them in their future endeavors. I hope Hanson and crew are able to keep the podcast going, because this is my favorite podcast and I've listened to every episode for the past few years.

  8. Ground war sucks, big deception, kill streak ruins it, even battlefield is better, add to this the pay to win transactions 3months after launch, and the game will be unplayably unfair.

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