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Exclusive Walkthrough Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's Grazna Raid Map

In this exclusive Game Informer video, Infinity Ward’s multiplayer design director Geoffrey Smith flies through one of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s new maps and explains why the asymmetrical design reminds him of his work designing maps for…

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  1. Great video..super map. Please put my mind at rest over perk slot 3. Ive heard they moved cold blooded from slot 3 to another slot and left Spotter the best perk by far in slot 3?? Is this true?
    The problem here is Spotter is by far the best perk on slot 3 and everyone will use it. This will make claymores completely redundant?

  2. I love this map, it feels like you’re in Bosnia or something. The trenches just outside of town really give it that feeling. I also love the verticality of this game. I feel like I’m almost parkouring . I would love to see more maps like this.

  3. Horrible map design. Thousands of ways, windows, doors. It leads to massive camping. The maps got no flow. Spawns are horrible. It is the worst COD I ever played in my 14 years of COD history. The whole gameplay is CAMPING!

  4. dude pretty much said they tried to make the map for people to have "spots". Thats just a fancy way to say they made the map for campers

  5. This map is way to big with way to many different entry ways to everything . Games on this map are so slow and boring there’s no incentive to move around because there are to many camping spots . It takes 2 minutes to run to the other side 0f the map and you die instantly to a camper due to the time to kill. This map sucks it needs to be 20 v 20 just to make it feel like constant action

  6. Now that I've been playing this game for a week, I must say that this is one of my two favorite maps in the game so far. I really like the East European/Russian aesthetic, the bombed-out buildings with the children's toys all over one side of the map, and the fact that it's almost like a maze with all its different terrain and nooks & crannies. The complete opposite of Black Ops 4's oversimplified map design.

  7. Reading these comments 3 months later is fucking hilarious all of you were wrong & now we’re here with the most campy shit of maps ever

  8. Was this map intentionally made to look like it sits next to the map “Bloc” from the first MW cause the apartment building and Ferris wheel in the outskirts look like it or is it just recycled stuff cause I noticed a lot of different parts of maps are straight cut n paste from other maps in the mw series as other videos before have shown.

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