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Dissecting Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – GI Game Club

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson, Brian Shea, Kyle Hilliard, and Ben Reeves break down their recent playthrough of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare alongside the Game Informer community. We talk about…

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  1. With regards to all the talk about how uncomfortable the AC-130 chatter was about how casual their tone was while ELIMINATING TERRORISTS. Look, these are virtual, fake, evil people. Even though the No Russian mission in MW2 didn't affect me, I can be empathetic to people who were uncomfortable. But when it is eliminating bad guys, terrorists, or people using terroristic methods to overrule a country or group of people, I don't understand remorse or mercy. This goes for Modern Warfare 2019.

    I joined law enforcement but never got a chance to join the military. What I want from a Call of Duty game is to simulate and let me feel the real experience of modern military…including the adrenaline and emotion.

  2. I loved the fact Price was silent in the levels with MacMillan cuz it makes u feel like a humble rookie trying to take in all you can while in the ruins of Chernobyl.

    I beat this on Veteran 3 times n the 2nd to last mission, Penultimate if you will, always is the hardest 4 me in Cod games.

  3. I don’t think Modern Warfare 1 will ever age tbh. It’s too influential. And on top of that, I went back to Modern Warfare 2 and that game holds up insanely well with the whole “No Russian” and overall theme about the horrors of the military industrial complex. Modern Warfare 1 is a crucial part of one of the best trilogies in gaming. I think MW1 and MW2 are probably in the top 10 shooters of all time, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    Edit: Let me also say that I never ever want to play a military shooter that makes me feel comfortable. War is extremely uncomfortable. There’s nothing comforting about killing people or facing an impending World War. I understand if people don’t want to play it (I don’t think it’s for everybody, but please don’t attack the devs, we need more mature stories in games) but I think there are games, albums, tv shows, and movies that are just essential. Modern Warfare would definitely fit that bill. MW1 and MW2 are amazing games about the horrors of the military industrial complex. Hopefully the new game takes the political climate and capitalizes on it.

  4. I've played all CoDs on the hardest difficulty, with crosshairs turned off when available, up to CoD4:MW. I couldn't bring myself to do it with MW2 because that campaign is absolutely my favorite out of the PS3/360 gen CoD games.
    As for this CoD, the game definitely feels dated compared to more recent entries. The controls dont feel as comfortable and player movement just isn't as smooth. The remaster certainly helped in the graphics department though as my biggest complaint with the original game was that the guns looked like cheap toys.
    I'm still hoping that we will get a remaster of the MW2 campaign but I find it highly unlikely since the multiplayer is their biggest selling point and where they make the most money.

  5. "Do you think that was their intention, for you to feel a bit sick, during the AC130 mission"

    Umm, yes, all you have to do to get a slant of their view on human conflict was to read any, literally any, of the quotes on the kill / game over screens.

  6. Modern Warfare was the gameplay embodiment of many great stoic, classical, and biblical icons or "journeys" set against a plausible modern backdrop of human conflict reinforced by famous quotes of previous human conflicts (kill screens).

    It was the perfect "be careful about what you wish for" while also making you oddly wish for it. On a meta-level, it is perfect Infinity Ward, which to me has mean the developer's ability to stake out their own middle ground between gamers of all types and show them something novel, something everyone can point to and say "I didn't see that before, I'm different for it."

    That was the classic Infinity Ward, for them to do something like that again would be a crazy long shot, but they still have a chance with all the IW vets I keep hearing are returning, however briefly, from Respawn and Naughty Dog. Developers who are a little more beat up and fed up about their past choices and want to return to what works.

    My only worry is a return to what works may not stake out enough novel ground that kept the original going for so long. Although a "Conquest" style massive team battle is my kind of Battlefield soup.

    If this game is a smash hit, it will also turn focus on the labour conditions of the industry after the mention of how little apparent crunch there is in this COD in your previous interview. Basically stating that it's possible to have a blockbuster without burnout. That's better for gamers, as the core group of talent maintains consistency with future content. And obviously better for devs for reasons too numerous to list.

  7. COD4 was my first COD i saw and played back in 2008, i was 8 when i looked to this game. The campaign is what i played and what make me love COD and especialy the MW series.

  8. I can remember getting mile high on veteran. Took me hours. So many good memories climbing out of crossfire and ambush mp maps, goofing around in old school mode, and most importantly clutching search and destroy rounds as last alive. The multiplayer map design seems so much better compared to more recent shooters. The maps had a ton of power positions that you could climb on for long site lines over objectives. This game made me love first person shooters. Interestingly, I am still obsessing over apex legends. These devs are the best of the best. Cant wait for MW this fall.

  9. I feel like certain people in this discussion don't understand the love , hype , nostalgia, greatness of cod4 that we all experienced.

  10. Um what Halo 3 was definitely the most sold game for 2007 not Cod 4 also I clearly remember Halo 3 being the most played game on Xbox 360 till mw2 came out and Halo reach split the Halo fan base

    Anyone can look this up its facts lol maybe cod was the most popular on ps3 but not Xbox 360

  11. I'm going to be honest, Kyle, I initially sort of rolled my eyes when you mentioned how the AC-130 mission made you feel uncomfortable. To me, that mission and gameplay feature was probably one of the single largest sells for, really, the whole franchise. I mean, when MW2 announced that the AC-130 would be a useable kill-streak everyone lost their minds and hounded to get 13 kills to be able to use it (until we all discovered how OP the chopper gunner was). Sure, IW definitely had something to say, but I think the fresh coat of "hey this is a modern shooter" along with I guess the introduction of this kind of technology and warfare to the mass public was sort of.. glorified. Mind you, I was in 8th grade when this game came out, so definitely thought this mission was "the bee's knees", which is kinda scary to think about.. Again, being a child, I have a similar memory to Reeve's (not to say Reeves is a child – or that he's not?) – CoD 4 was the gateway to a lot of what we see in it. To be honest, I don't think I really even heard solid forward facing questions against the of morality of drone strikes until like, Obama's second term. I think, at the time, most of the public would've just thought "oh this is how we get the bad guys". Media has really only brought these points up somewhat recently. I haven't played the campaign, or that mission, since back in the day (sorry Fire Emblem is consuming my life rn) so maybe I'll feel different if I re-visited. Honestly though, for me, I'm sure I'd be too desensitized. If my memory serves me correctly, while the pilots were pretty casual – the mission didn't pose any sign that the people you were bombing were anyone but "the bad guys". They could not have been, but I don't think those possibilities were set-up in the game itself, just a concern we now assume with living in a world where that's become a real thing. I guess my point is to say it didn't bother me back then – and I don't think it was so much intended to, as much as it was intended to just be "cool" or "new". I mean didn't the game reset checkpoint if you killed civs anyway? This train of thought is probably because, again, I grew up with this shit pretty early on. I think if 2019 can pose some more stakes and give me real consequences for blowing up someone's house with a death ship, then I think I'd be singing a different note. I hope it does, because as dark as those paths go, they teach us a lot more than free-for-all battle-royales where people mow each other down with neon colored guns – which is about all the generation of kids experience now. It is interesting to see how place and time can really change one's perspective.

  12. I think most people miss the point of scenes such as "Death From Above" in CO4 and "No Russian" in MW2. Where most just consider them to be shoehorned, vulgar displays of nonsensical violence for the sake of being disturbing.

    The point that the former was trying to make, was that the more detached the human element is from a violent act, the easier it it to commit that violence, and the later begs the question: [How far, is too far, when it comes to achieving victory over your enemy?].

  13. I have never heard of Death From Above being uncomfortable/disturbing until 2019. I have always said " 'Murica!!" In that mission. Lol

    Other great "Murica!" Moments in gaming
    – all of Marine and Army Ranger missions in CoD
    -Pretty much all of Medal of Honor 2009
    -Bf3 – Thunder Run and Going Hunting. Anything missing?

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