Cyberpunk 2077 – Official Stadia Reveal Trailer | Gamescom 2019

Check out the Cyberpunk 2077 reveal trailer for Google Stadia from the Gamescom 2019 Stadia Connect.

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  1. Zero new footage that was not already public, way to go Google, almost everyone watching this already has it on pre-order for consoles.

  2. Here's an idea. Fuck google, and fuck video game livestreaming. You're basically asking for less ownership over your games. Oh and also inconsistent gameplay, delayed button presses, lag, etc. I mean sure internet is getting better. But who in their right fucking mind would ask for a console that requires internet access to play your games? Also assuming a game doesn't do well on the platform or simply have no more interest of leaving said game on the platform, they remove it. Like it never existed. I wonder how many people still remember that Scott Pilgrim side scroller? Oh yeah remember when Konami had a problem with people selling PS4s with P.T. on them? You're just giving publishers more control over the games you play. Yeah I really doubt Google's bias will effect what goes on the platform and what doesn't. That will neeeever happen.

  3. Am I the only one frustrated with all these teases before the full reveal? I mean these clickbait titles from online news doesn't help. They'll say deep dive into cyberpunk and the vids only 3 min long or gameplay and it's only 40 seconds long

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