Control Review

A different kind of haunted house makes Control hard to resist.

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  1. It's pretty cheap right now so I decided to give it a try and wow is this awesome. Few games can really captivate and intrigue in the way this does. Have not been able to put it down

  2. 15 hr completion huh? That's the established hour length so he may have not actually played the whole thing. Had to wait for sale here always something off about all stellar reviews

  3. Definitely one of the worst game I ever play, will think twice on all the “good” IGN reviews from now on. The frame rate is so choppy that you can’t see anything at time, super frustrating. Not to mention so many loading screen. Oh yeah did I mention the graphics looks dated, the main characters just slightly above “npc” quality.

  4. Just finished it and if you like the concepts in the game you should checkout the SciFi tv series "The Lost Room" which has a lot of similar concepts, mainly based around objects of power.
    For me the game was well worth playing, the story telling was great and the visuals fantastic. However there are some very frustrating things, as mentioned in the review the map is basically useless. The review didn't mention that all though combat is fun, the boss battles are some of the most frustrating parts of the game. Frustrating enough to really put a damper on your enjoyment. I'd also say the gun controls don't have a dedicated reload button and the button usually associated with reload changes weapons so quite often I'd be in combat trying to reload only to swap weapons but because the weapons use the same "energy" for ammo the weapon I pulled out would be empty. Died a few times in the heat of the moment doing that.

  5. Control was amazing! I only just uploaded my own review, but I had so much fun with it! The powers and story are awesome and the graphics are so good especially when there's a ton of particle effects bring used. I loved this game

  6. im surprised at how many comments love this game. i find it takes forever to get going and way to much wandering around to find stuff. its like having to play a scavenger hunt game first to unlock tv show segments that arent that exciting. maybe all the good reviews are the developers 😛

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