Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – 20v20 Team Deathmatch Gameplay

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare introduces its massive 20v20 mode. This mode is played with large-scale maps such as “Aniyah Palace” seen here. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25, 2019.

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  1. After seeing how BO3 turned out, and seeing Infinite Warfare, I thought I'd never be in the market for another Call of Duty again, it feels good to be wrong for once, and 2019 is shaping up to be a good year for gaming so far!!!

  2. If the creators can keep this.. this stuff here in the video avid
    I will definitely be a purchaser. Which I haven’t purchased a cod in 5+ years for many reasons.
    And I don’t doubt they can and will acquire much more of a audience.
    I didn’t buy BFV I was going to though I never did in the recent weeks I was going to though it looks like will be directing my funds towards activision

  3. When I was a kid I always waned to play CoD. Only managed to play CoD 1, CoD 2, CoD 4 modern warfare, CoD black ops, and CoD advanced warfare. I then heard that CoD was losing popularity and as much I hated to believe it I had to face the truth. CoD was done for, or at least I thought before watching this video.

    I'll be honest I am getting a lot of battlefield vibes from this game but overall I am genuinely excited for the release of this game and quite possibly complete that wish of mine as a kid.
    Also I am curious to know the health situation of this game. Do you have a health bar or do you just heal like in all those old CoD games or maybe a cross of both.

    I MUST KNOW!!!!!

  4. Insurgency is the only game that had the perfect balance between arcade and hardcore mechanics. COD is like it without the gore, the tension of have to wait to spawn (this is good, keeps you on your toes) and with stupid killstreaks that hurts the gameplay. The sound in COD is amazing, the animations and the graphics… but it´s just run and gun like a headless chicken like cod will forever be. i had high hopes for this one… but… nah.

  5. Changes from this build to the final product:
    20v20 mode was delated
    Tank had an smoke grenade
    Tank HUD changed
    Killstreak earn icon
    Non permanent minimap
    Kill shot sound
    Single/Burst/Auto switch name changed
    Strela was able to lock on
    Field upgrade bar charge was changed
    Munitions box automatically resuplied you

    Recon drone mark icon was changed
    Stim shot health recover sound

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