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Borderlands 3 Gameplay (No Commentary)

Watch our New Gameplay Today for the character FL4K here:

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  1. This may sound insane to some people on here but I think the way to not get downed is to not stand out in the open with six different enemies firing at you :^)

  2. while yes the gameplay is pretty bad i’m more pissed at the fact that they turned off dialogue captions and walk as far away from characters when they’re speaking as possible. i’m just here for the plot. please gimme that gud, gud borderlands plot…

  3. Никаких изменений. Просто 2 часть с "новыми текстами" и "подтянутым геймплеем". Это всё ещё унылый тир…

  4. omfg , its ..unreal..hard 2 belive that so far all 3 players trending these videos have neva eva played a shooter before, even a small 10 years old would play more smart/accurrate . its painful really, every scene/ area is missed/unexplored etc its like the the fucking russian army :only charge frowards full w vodka not paying attention at whats happening around, its a torture watching these players going trhough these gem of a game but beter than far at least

  5. I'm a little subconscious about playing games because I'm not that good at them, but whoever is playing here really helped boost my confidence

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