Astral Chain: S+ Rank On Ultimate Difficulty Gameplay

No extra lives and game over in 1-3 hits. Watch us take down some Protolegions in style! Astral Chain arrives on Nintendo Switch August 30th.

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  1. Shame we can't see more good gameplay from anywhere else — I mean, do the people who put videos of this on YouTube even TRY to be friggin' badasses like this?? This is just straight-up ART!

  2. If you can get S+ by getting hit and using items, what do you get for no damage, no items then? SSS rank? If there is no achievement for no items, at the very least, that's a missed opportunity.

  3. I love that, despite still taking a ton of damage, they got the s+. It's also great not to be penalized by using items. It causes their management to become another consideration during combat.

  4. Imagine a cop with so many different types of stands? It’s like seeing Kira in girl version who’s cop and instead of having cat plant stand she got hell hound stand lmao

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