Astral Chain: 7 Combat Tips You Need To Know

Max breaks down the most essential combat tips to succeed with your Legion in the Nintendo Switch exclusive Astral Chain.

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  1. I actually originally thought the combat was basic as hell but it’s not at all. I’ve only got two legions so far but boy it’s really cool. I’ve not had this much fun on a Game in years.

  2. Rin, you should totally upload this to your channel! Or at least link to it in your community feed. So surprised (but then not surprised) to see it's you in a Gamespot video for this game. (For people reading, this guy is a Zelda: Breath of the Wild master)

  3. Is there a list for the unique attacks where I can see the inputs? I wanna practice them but don’t know the inputs on pro controller lol

  4. The multiple chain binds gradually degrading over is an actual good tip that I think the game glosses over. Guess even once in awhile videos like this actually know what they are talking about.

  5. Why is the footage I'm seeing so smooth? For me, FPS is barely 30 at any given time.

    Not the only thing putting me off, as enemies seem to attack like maniacs off screen, the dodge is puny and doesn't cancel some attacks, and the legion controls can be so finnicky (Looking at Sword Zandatsu). It honestly feels like a mess compared to previous platinum games, mostly due to the awful frame rate and jaggy visual mess the game can be most of the time.

    Hope it gets better as it goes on, because the first 4 missions have not been particularly fun as a whole.

  6. How do you even play this game? Seriously I need help! I can beat DMC on DMD but this game is brutal. The enemies are so aggressive I have no idea what to do.

  7. I cannot use any Legion skill since both buttons I have assigned them on, are already in use!!! Whenever I mash them I either get healed or switch Legion. Such a sh….

  8. Hope this proves helpful, I was just confused because I played the [Awake] file for the first time and got my ass kicked only getting a D 😛
    I switched from Casual to Standard before that as well

  9. The biggest problem i have with the legion abilities, like sword slash or arrow, is that i can't ever activate the slow down fast enough. I activate the mode and then get punched in the face.especially with sword slash. I know its got a whole counter mechanic built in but ive never used it because its too finicky and the enemies are al too fast.

  10. If you hold the change legion button and quickly flick the stick. You can actually swap to any specific legion without having to wait for the radial menu to pop up.

  11. Awesome tips! I didn't know Chain Bind prorates every time you use it. Very helpful to know. I would also add that try to get Finish Off at the end of the battle because it heals you to full health. And I find using all of the Legions you have gives a higher chance of getting S+ at the end of a battle, instead of using just 1 or 2 you like.

  12. I’m going to try this game again. I’m about 2 hours in and it’s so slow. Sounds like the combat gets better and hopefully the detective sequences get better

  13. tip: if you see press a to finish a chimera, do it. this heals you. You can't do this on legions, protolegions, people, or anything Jena cooked up. I think ( but have not tested ) that it also nets you more gene codes and might have a slight effect on item drop rate. That last one is sheer speculation cause I happen to have gotten more items when I did that, but I can't really prove it. Just think it's worth noting that it's just always a good idea to do it even if I'm wrong about that and the gene codes.

  14. Is it possible to replay a file to cheese being able to upgrade the x baton? I'm currently on the last chapter and haven't made a single upgrade since the one that explains it.

  15. The game is honestly a drag in the beginning. It’s unlike any game they’ve made before. You feel so limited in the beginning. So much so I gave up on it after an hour or so. I just came back to it to give it another chance, and boy does the combat get good once you start to unlock skills and such. Still don’t much care for the detective work and all that, but combat wise, it gets real good after a while.

  16. I know this comment is ages old but, idk if it shows up in any tutorials or onscreen button commands, but when you press L and use the unique legion skills like the sword slash or arrow firing you can press B to do a small dash and stay mobile even when in these quite janky modes.

  17. This are really helpful tips, I'm still getting a hang of the combat and the multitude of options, so this is great, thanks, I really love this game.

  18. I've has this game for two days now and love it! … even though I think I might be terrible ?. I am playing on the difficulty above casual tho…. should I dumb it down?

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