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Answering Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's Lingering Questions

Game Informer’s Brian Shea talks to Infinity Ward’s studio narrative director Taylor Kurosaki and multiplayer design director Joe Cecot to answer dozens of questions sourced from the Game Informer community. Subscribe to Game Informer’s podcast…

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  1. I get they want new players to join but sbmm makes anyone with any sense of skill to have a trash experience with this game. Also it is literally just ghost 2

  2. You say the game is for beginners, but than the beginner must kill thousands of enemys with a lmg on double sniper range for unlock a weapon. I must laugh sry. Thats not easy for beginners.

  3. I like how everybody just blacked out when they said "we don't want to have lower skill players to have a bad experience, we don't want higher skill players to have a bad experience" and all they took from it was catering to bad players

  4. Honestly hope the developers get fired for releasing the dogshit game to protect campers. Worse 60$ purchase of my life and 1 year later nothing has changed besides an increase in cheaters and they refuse to give a refund fuck infinity ward activision it's time to fire them.

  5. The high skill players are definitely having a bad time, almost every game now. How did I get good at all the other cod games, oh yeah I got shit on then whined about it for a hot minute and got into a fresh game and made some one else do the same. Those were the days man.

  6. How is barely anybody in the comments section talking about 39:10? This game is literally designed for noobs and campers yet so many people in this comments section are ignoring that.

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