Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Review

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is an unfulfilling survival game, one that never provides a compelling reason for seeing its journey all the way through.

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  1. this game comes out tomorrow on xbox, i want to get it, but i was wondering after you beat the game, can you still explore the world and try to survive? i hope so

  2. This is the most repetitive game I ever played waste of money should be one of those Xbox gold game pass games sure it will be on there soon like should have just brought stars wars instead ??‍♂️ smh I hate it here

  3. I, just now, realized that most of these but company game reviewers really only play pokémon, smash Brothers, Mario kart, And the absolute toughest game they all really play and see all the way through is legend of Zelda breath of the wild. Anything with a challenge beyond the games that I just named, they tend to say it's too hard or too frustrating, and they give it a low score. Just makes me go back to Sekiro, which was hard to start out, and was fun, but when you actually leaned to play, then it was a BLAST. We is the game in public need to stay off of these people's sites, not contribute to anything that's going to get them paid, and avoid these "game review" combined at all cost.

  4. It’s now officially gotten to the point where reading the comment sections for IGN & GameSpot reviews is more entertaining than watching the actual review itself ?

  5. Sorry, but this game is meant to make you appreciate what our ancestors might have gone through in the survival space they encountered EVERY day of their lives. The fact you're sitting here bi*ching about difficulty is soooo out of touch.

  6. My concern with this game is the incredibly poor and clunky controls. For example, you can climb up an upward going branch, but you can not do the same downwards, you must jump, even if you could walk it. THEN if you climb down a tree because you spotted a plant you cant keep your eye on it, cuz the direction will change, you need to awkwardly face the tree and press down rather then just looking where you go, if you ever climbed a ladder you know what I am talking about, sometimes it is impossible to tell what an unknown NPC needs, or by the time you get something they are dead, yes predators and all, but come on your buddies can't and won't climb trees to flee unless you do and even then often you go back for nothing, you chase away the predator and they are just staying around, not going up trees, no, just walking around with a sabretooth in the bushes. Every NPC produces exactly the same reactions to every single ailment, good luck guessing poison, heatstroke, or broken bones.

    I would love this game, and I love that it is hard, but I hate the frustrating and clunky, unnecessarily buggy gameplay and controls.

    I am not giving it up, but I feel the devs just abandoned the game in a shambly state after release. Real shame cuz I waited a year for it, following the dev process. I was severely underwhelmed especially in the controls department.

    Even after all this time…

  7. Nearly purchased this thinking it was 1st person like ARK, but checked this review to see and glad I did. Hard pass for all 3rd person games. The rest of you, I do hope you enjoy it…just not for me if 3rd person.

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