Nintendo Switch Lite – Announcement Trailer

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller, portable only version of the Nintendo Switch that we know and love. Arriving this September.

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  1. What is the point in this its smaller, has less features like no TV support, lack of removable joy cons so if part of them break good luck. also they ship in horrible colors tbh the only bit i like about this one compared to the og switch is that it has a proper d pad. to summarize just buy a normal switch.

  2. For me, I spend much more time playing the Switch handheld while my brother loves to play it docked. I’m sold on getting a portable only version, reminds me of the DS years

  3. defeats the whole point of what the switch intended. 
    all i wanted was a nintendo switch with a proper d-pad. 
    how hard is it for nintendo to put out an official joycon with a + dpad?  Yes, i know that there is the 3rd party stuff but that means sacrificing features like rumble or motion.  i dont want to have sacrifices!
    There is never a time i am sitting down with someone to turn those two joycons into two separate sideways controllers. and even if there was, why can't the one guy with the left joycon just put up with xyab buttons being a + dpad?

    But nooooooo, they expect me to put up with abxy keys being standard buttons all the rest of the time i'm playing portably.

  4. Im A Simple Man I Have 3 Rules
    1. I Must Ask Consent For Doing The Hoochie Poochie
    2. I Believe Switch Online Is Reasonable
    3. I Do Not Friend Switch Lite Users

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