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NHL 20 Full Game (Beta Gameplay) – Devils vs. Sabres

Watch Game Informer play a full hockey game without commentary showing off the new features for EA’s NHL 20.

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  1. Trash… Same glitches with the ref sequences… No audible calls by the refs… And other than a few improved player representations… All the same. Will not buy another NHL game until they can move the shit to the frostbite engine, and give me a more authentic experience. Better hit animations, more speed, better physics, better overall game presentation, better fight animations…. Fuck it… Can we get our one decent game so we can bitch about IT for the next 10 years you won't change shit?

  2. Still herky-jerky movement and no inertia carrying the players around. Increasing your character animations and their blending is great, but a more dynamic response (with middleware like Euphoria, or the grounded "weight" of people like in RDR2) is critical in sports games.

  3. This game sucks stats are way off , to much enthusiasm by commentary for regular season game , to many goals scored every game I. Franchise mode it’s 7-3 8-4 9-3 crazy , penalties are unrealistic if you lower them to 4 or 5 they dot. Call any penalties .. 19 had better control of the puck in the zone keeping the puck in and setting up offense , it seems opponent come down the ice just shooting all over the place .. no dumping no working the boards

  4. I last played this series in 2008. I was a total failure at playing the game, but it was so much fun creating custom teams and players, and pinning them against one another. Can that still be done? And does anyone recommend a specific game in the series since then?

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