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New Hoarfrost Reach Details From Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's Developers

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson and Jeff Cork share details on the creation of Hoarfrost reach that they learned from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s developers while visiting Capcom’s headquarters in Osaka, Japan. See more exclusive Monster Hunter…

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  1. those frozen fish… reminds me of a cave in mh3u on the snow map where you can look through the ice and if you fight glacial agnaktor there and he burries himself in the ice you could see him through the damn ice and that was amazing. I really hope that glacial agnaktor and agnakor come back because they were sooo damn cool

  2. I seriously doubt they based the ice designs in iceborne from Iceland considering Iceland is green, Greenland is the one that's all icey

  3. At this point it's just pure generosity that we keep getting tidbits of information to hold us over. Though my hype couldn't die even if they went totally silent. First game/expansion I've preordered without a hint of doubt in my mind. I love this dev team and can't wait to see Iceborne on my own TV with my own hunter. Happy Hunting!

  4. Anyway can you contact them again? MHW is kinda hard for color blind people even with the new option from the demo. Yes im color blind.

  5. For you all zamtrios fans
    Go back playing mh4u or mhgen if you miss them
    Come on guys! 😑
    We need more new things here, something fresh & stronger
    Not a middle-tier amphibian

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