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New Gameplay Today – Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Imran joins Cork and Leo to show off the Viper Tobi-Kadachi and Nightshade Paolumu, two new monster variants coming to Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion.
Iceborne launches on September 6th for PS4, with the PC version slated appropriately…

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  1. It looks way too easy, I can't imagine how braindead it'll be for everyone currently playing MHW, with AT sets and augmented weapons. It's clearly balanced around people finishing the piss easy MHW story and then jumping straight to Iceborne… anyone who played the game at all is going to go into this all decked out.
    I hope it ramps up fast, otherwise "Master" Rank will feel like a downgrade.

  2. These are SUBSPECIES. Not VARIANTS. Please get it right because they are two completely different things and can lead to misinformation.

  3. I was hoping we get one or two more brand new monsters, like a giant Ant-like insect Monster, as well as a "great" version of those Wolverine/wolf-like small monsters in the Hoarfrost Reach.

    These new subspecies look awesome thou

  4. It's incredibly pedantic but the fact that Variant monsters are a completely different thing in monster hunter from Subspecies makes it slightly annoying that they keep saying Variant

  5. Still can't decide i love both monster hunter & borderland. Since they day borderland was announced i confuse as f which one should i pick. Everytime my friend ask which will i buy my thought will go blank. I must choose but i can't choose. ?

  6. “I want to play a game where I befriend these guys…”
    Your dream already fulfilled: Monster Hunter Stories.

    We could use another one of those…

  7. You would think they'd add some extra spikes, scales, fur etc to these variants besides just a different color scheme & moves. Literally copy & pasted spikes on Pukie's tail or something anything. If these monsters are so different they changed elements then you'd think their physical appearance would differ even a little. Heck even if you enlarged then a bit like the Greatest Jagras. I'm not impressed.

  8. I just don't get why there should be a VIPER tobi kadachi in a COLD envrioment. I feel like it would be way better if it was put in the wildspire waste and the paolumu in the new region. This is kind of messed up in my opinion

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