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New Gameplay Today – Blair Witch

Elise joins Cork and Leo to help deflate some tension in Bloober Team’s foray into the Blair Witch Cinematic Universe.
Blair Witch is coming to Xbox One and PC on August 30.

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  1. sadly i had high hopes for this game but after seeing and hearing about the game it just looks fucking stupid so ill pass on this and just watch the story when someone uploads it on youtube ill save my money

  2. im gonna predict this is gonna be generic jumpscare emulator like outlast 2 trying too hard to pretend its belong in horror theme only to be painfully average with bugs jumpscares and loud noises.
    the dog most likely gonna die either late to near the end and few months later the game will be forgotten

  3. Amazing game, but the loud comments bothered me as hell, we should have an option to turn on or off those guys commentaries because i really wish i could watch this video with only the original game sound

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