Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is mechanically complex, consistently rewarding, and very hard to put down.

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  1. Still at work patiently waiting to go home & rip my package open so I can finally play!! I wanted to skip work today but I decided to go….. dammit ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  2. Has anyone set their Birthday to
    1 month and 22 day?

    The girl with the green hair will say its her birthday too!

    Or is it the same for every date

  3. Actually, I think the reason why the protagonist is silent is because of something bad that happened with the original VA and now they’re changing him with someone else in a future patch. Don’t quote me on that, but that might explain it

  4. This is the first Fire Emblem game that i purchased…best decision I've ever made. I was thinking about jumping into the series, but I was always on the fence, but this made me a fan of the series for games to come!!!!

  5. I’m about 6 hours in and I’m really enjoying it but, I kinda feel like I’m playing the game wrong. Namely my time spent in the Monastery. Can someone explain the general gameplay loop for this game? First time FE player.

  6. After hearing this, I decided not to get the game. It has strayed far from my favorite entry in the series in the sacred stones and they have taken mechanics that were always a core of the series and skewed them beyond recognition. I am very sad at this development but I'm glad that this review was here so I dont waste my money. The characters are supposed to develop and grow on the battlefield not in some stupid classroom environment for doing nothing.

  7. im first time player and im about 5 hours in i honestly am getting bored of the game the monastery is full of tedious things u have to do to level their skills and the lectures what happen to the days where u actually grind and battle to level up skills not sing in choirs have tea parties an give lectures like wtf? the gameplay is okay i just feel like the game is missing something that drives u to be better an they put too much details in things that shouldn't even matter and throw so much information at u all at once, an also dont tell u about other things like classes and certificates for newcomers, i really dont get the point of recruiting ppl i thought this game ur supposed to chose a house then they give a team of ppl thats only in that house and then suddenly u have the option to recruit ppl from other houses? yeah that doesnt make sense the three houses things arent even separate anymore its more like a community house.

  8. Would this game be recommended to those who are beginners of the fire emblem series? (And by that I mean I have never played a fire emblem game ever but I really want to)

  9. Seriously, 2000 fucking 19 and ya can't make the characters lip move? Oh, they do in the cutscenes but not in the battles where they use the exact same model? fucking cheap…
    Divine Pulse? Meh, as long it's optional and it's not jammed into the gameplay I'm ok with it

  10. I just bought this game as well as Judgement on the ps4 at the same time as a drunken Amazon splurge. My backlog is already gigantic, lol.

  11. I like silent protagonists in general. Makes it easy for me to put myself in the place of the character. Sometimes I read the line out loud and trick myself into feeling like I'm having a real conversation with Haru or Rise

  12. All the stuff at the Academy makes this feel more like a sim than an rpg… And all the cutscenes & character designs make it look like an anime production rather than a video game. Hard to tell from the short video but the new combat mechanics appear to over-complicate combat & strategy. Basic FE gameplay is stuck wayyy in the background. Very disappointed overall

  13. I only ever played the Black Lion campaign. I’m gonna pick this game up again and play the Blue Eagles this time. I didn’t know they each had their own separate story arcs.

  14. Watching your review makes me wish they port Fire Emblem Fates- not the 2 separate game but the one whole special edition. The drama and the updated graphics might sell towards new player or long term fans <3

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