Fire Emblem: Three Houses – 9 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started

Fire Emblem: Three Houses may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but with these 9 tips you’ll be better prepared to tackle the battles and friendships that await.

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  1. "Recruit all your favourite students otherwise there is no telling where they will end up later on."
    …..all my favourite students are in my class….Black Eagles for life.

  2. If you are short on money and/or resources, consider using up a weapon's durability first and then upgrading it – it gets repaired automatically when you upgrade it, no matter how low on durability it was before

  3. Mounted Units are so damn powerful. As soon as Dimitri (yeah yeah I have blue lions, I thought I could bang Mercie, ok?) had his first mount it was really hard to even forcefully damage him. the professor and him are so overleveled by now, I hang back with them and let the others do the work. But when I dont see another solution to a tough battle, I just charge into the middle of all enemies with one of them (even boss battles with many ads are no problem) and let them take out everyone with the counterattack in the enemies turn. I probably cant lose even if I wanted. Oh I am 3 or 4 Month into the 2nd chapter.

    My tip for new players: Turn off permadeath. Sure it sounds like a challenge, but especially when you are new to the series it is a real turndown. Turn it on on a 2nd playthrough

  4. I didnt even know the ability tap was a thing in my first playthrough, weirdly enough when I revisited an old save file I looked at the equipped abilities and didnt change much

  5. it’s really worth using gambit attacks for demons and creatures to breaking their armour. it can give u umbral steel and myrthil (spelling ?) which otherwise is really hard to come by

  6. Come on – I thought this might be a interesting video, but it's just information that can all be found in the guide in game.🤷

  7. How to play it well:

    1) Choose Edelgard first and see her story
    2) Lol
    3) Choose Claude in your second try and get satisfaction with the end
    4) Choose Dimitri to understand why he became crazy as fuck
    5) Don't waste your time with Church's route

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