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Capcom’s Teppen Is Bizarre And Better Than We Expected

Tack explains to Hanson and Leo why the new real-time card battler from GungHo and Capcom is worth checking out.
Teppen is available now on Android and iOS.

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  1. That Ultimate Wesker used is from Resident Evil 5 when you fight him in the volcano after he fuses himself with the Uroboros virus, it knocks enemies away and does crazy damage

  2. This game like shadowverse+clash royal but easy version and very fair, capcom looks like know how to combine 2 gameplay, shadowverse collab with capcom too, but char capcom must buy😒

  3. Downloading now, been playing a ton of AutoChess. Excited for a quicker game when I don't have time for Autochess.

  4. Does anyone notice he just wasted two one mana card draw at around 3:20? the card gets you a card that has revenge and already dead once, but he just wasted them…

  5. I actually feel bad that they pretty much gave me everything… so I purchased a month pass to make it up to them lol

  6. Capcom has some of the most iconic characters in gaming too bad this game is a phone game meaning microtransactions and the opportunity cost of putting time in this game rather than playing any other capcom game is bad

  7. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like it's way too often that I win matches (as in I see my opponent's health drop to zero) then I get this error code 9999 and the game tell me I LOST the match due to a disconnect. My internet is fine…at least with all the other online games I play……I really want to take this game seriously.

  8. They should add Frank west or chuck greene into the game. Frank's intro dialogue can be… "I've covered wars ya know" for chuck I don't know. But his ending dialogue when he wins can be "this is for katey"

  9. Teppen… Why does that name sounds familiar…

    Oh yeah, My hero academia (Or one's justice)
    Season 2, episode 33, clocking 10:40 in
    That one scene where one of the towers reads in big bold letters "TEPPEN"…

    Uh, why did Capcom rip that from MHA? O.o

  10. I know at some point we are going to add more games to Teppen and I know its silly but…

    I want Phoenix Wright Cards 😂

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