Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – Official 2v2 Gunfight Multiplayer 4K Gameplay

Take a look at COD: MW’s latest 2v2 multiplayer mode in action with three matches played on the Pine, King, and Stack maps!

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  1. Wow they finally achieved BF4 level graphics great work infinity ward lol . Improve the fucking visuals to the next gen not this .

  2. I really hope they don't add minimap to this mode. Makes it very intense instead of staring at a 2d minimap 70% of the times. Enjoying watching CoD again like MW2 days.

  3. Watching in 4K. The Graphics are blurry as shit. What the fuck did they do? Every other 4K-Gaming-Video looks sharp, but this game is so blurry like I'am playing in 720p again.

  4. The names of the players are clues as to whos coming back. So far Griggs has appeared in the campaign. The other names SoapnWater, vEtN00b, and Milehigh
    SoapnWater is obvious who it is
    Milehigh could he Gaz
    And i have no clue for V3tN00b

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