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79 Rapid-Fire Questions About Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

While visiting Capcom, Game Informer’s Jeff Cork asks Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s director Daisuke Ichihara and producer Ryozo Tsujimoto rapid-fire questions about the expansion’s story, weapons, and Velkhana. Click here to learn even more -…

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  1. The thing about MHW is that your hunter is part of fifth fleet and cannot leave the new world.

    If the next expansion/game is set in a different continent like some MMO games, it doesn't make sense for your hunter to leave the new world. Unless he pass the torch onto the A list hunter and leave that handler to go to a different continent.

  2. The question should not of been whether we can skip the cutscenes it should of been "can we watch them together?" and "why not?" when the answer they give is obviously going to be "no" lol

  3. Boy!!! Am i so excited when they mentioned that they want to revive dragon dogma.
    It is has the best gameplay mechanic on almost any rpg games ever.

  4. Why not call it monster hunter world ultimate?

    “Because it sounds cooler”

    Why not call it g rank?

    “Because it sounds cooler”

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