We Saw Even More Cyberpunk 2077 | E3 2019

Cyberpunk 2077 has some intriguing features plus Keanu Reeves. Jake Dekker and Kallie Plagge talk about all the gameplay they saw behind closed doors, and what they were excited about!

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  1. Everything has me excited except what ive seen of combat. The weapon, melee & hit animations all look standard at best & i dont really get any sense of weight or impact from them. Hopefully will feel better ingame playing

  2. Johnny Silverhand died in 2024, so he will only show up as a hologram.
    And this dude keeps looking at her clivage, lol.
    I dont blame him, shes pretty.

  3. I’m literally more hyped for this game than any other game ever. And CD project red… the way they conduct themselves so far, they’re the only developer I have respect for atm.

  4. Hmm. Guess I will have to try to suspend my disbelief of meeting Keanu Reeves, who happens to be a Solo or whatever living in the future not looking like he aged a day as it being a character that was obsessed with watching old John Wick movies and had a face and body sculpt to look like Keanu. <sigh>.

  5. I saw this demo at E3 yesterday and I'm super excited for this game but the AI was still super glitchy and dumb. Hopefully they will get all that fixed by release.

  6. Wait… Kallie Plagge?? Isn't that the former IGN staff member who lied and got Vince Ingeneto fired? And later, he made public his personal DMs with her showing she was the sexual aggressor??

    The answer is: yes. Yes it is the same person.

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