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Watch The Full Nintendo E3 Direct With Game Informer

Kyle, Tack and Leo commentate over Nintendo’s E3-adjacent showcase!

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  1. Yoshiaki Koizumi: "Originally we announced this [Animal Crossing] as a 2019 release. However, we need to change its release date to March 20th of 2020."

    Leo: "YOU'RE DEAD!!!"

  2. The Link's Awakening remake showed a maximum of 20 heart containers; in the original game it was only 14. This makes me wonder just how much they're adding.

  3. Gotta say Dan brings the vibe WAY down guys. Not sure he's genuinely enjoying his job OR games in general. Coming from a strange defensive place.

  4. Really upset that your thumbnail spoiled me seconds before I watched the direct myself. This video is the second search result, literally right underneath the official direct.

  5. No More Heroes 3 is such a great news! I thought Travis Strikes Again would be the killer app for me but turned out it's not a real NMH3. By the way, I believed Suda and took my part in funding NMH3, so I bought a copy but still don't have a Switch 🙂

    No Bayonetta 3 info? I thought E3's gonna be the time and place.

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