The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr – Official Cinematic Trailer | E3 2019

The Season of the Dragon continues with The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr and beyond. Dragons have emerged from the Halls of Colossus, and they now threaten to burn down all of Tamriel. Wielding powerful new weapons and abilities, unlikely allies must band together in order to defeat these…

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  1. yeah no He did not survive that Fall… he had land anywhere else maybe but he landed on the dragon i don't believe its soft by any means

  2. I hope in the 6 one, the people actually look real and better. But I'm sure the people know what their doing with this new one.

  3. So after the events of Skyrim, the dragons are still around? Didn't the Last Dragon born kill the others?…

    That's it, I'm moving back to Cyradill… or better yet, Hammerfell… just anywhere away from that Nordic Land. 😂

  4. Why does this dragon look so generic. i love skyrim design of the dragon. They looked like their whole bode is made of sharp stones.

  5. Guys it take only a posion and a sowrd to kill a dragon come on, like wtf it took me atlest 25 bows to kill a dragon yall cant even hurt it oof

  6. по самой игре ничего нету бесмысленный пулуфильм… опять будет высер а не игра сто пудов

  7. Ok i like the cgi. But like its getting kinda annoying. No one cares how good your cgi is if it's just a stupid expansion to that god forsaken mmo rpg. I want some shit on elder scrolls 6.

  8. From a proven source I know where the whole story will take place – on your windows desktop because bug's won't let you run it, but dont wory they'll quickly release the patch so that at least the microtransaction shop will work 🙂

  9. so yeah nobody s gonna mention the fact that the breton guy here is the bretkn guy at the three fates trailer and he was an assassin then now he is a mage/necromancer, or probably the other since this seems a prequel to the three fates.

  10. Doing Elsweyr again and OH MY LORD its phenomenal. Did it starting from the North going South but this time I started from the South up to the North, the story is bound to be different at the end, SO EPIC!! Genius whats happened to Cadwell (NO SPOILERS HERE KEEP READING) who does these cinematics they're very respectful? Zenimax could easily make a 30 minute minimum movie for a collectors edition (I'd buy it no doubt about that) But KEEP Elder Scrolls Online away from film companies they'll give it a very low budget not do total cinematics and rip it off, after all they're sworn hot rivals of Gaming

    If I ever have a son/daughter I'll call my son Khaalgrontiid (Khaal is just like Karl >.<) If I have a daughter I'll call her Khamira (Can call her Kham)


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