Sims 4 Island Living — Full E3 Reveal Presentation | EA Play E3 2019

Learn all about the new Sims 4 expansion pack, Island Living. It’s loaded with new activities, clothing options, and even mermaids.

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  1. I’ve been disappointed with sims 4 since it came out. I can only play it with mods and custom content. Please add infant objects to put them in like in real life!!!!!

  2. I don't like that childish look and feel that EA is giving to the The Sims franchise. Sounds a lot of Disney crap…

  3. They said open water world, but i don't see that in gameplays. So sims can 't dive in to deep waters like sims 3 ? We won't be able too see?

  4. It annoys me a lot when I see comments that say “wHeRe Is UnIvErSiTy” or “I wAnT *insert something that was not included in the expansion*”. Just be happy with what their giving us! I get that the expansion is expensive and it doesn’t have everything that The Sims 3 had but be grateful. They put SO much work into this expansion and it looks incredible. There is SO much new and amazing content that they added. Of course there are flaws but be happy that we get Island Living. Be grateful that we still get amazing and high quality expansion packs!

  5. I think they have a strategy for university, they might never release it for sims 4 and then boom sims 5 comes along, and it's one of the first few expansions released for sims 5, which will basically attract more sales.

    I do hope I'm wrong tho

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