Nintendo E3 2019 Direct Press Conference and Treehouse Live

Tune in for the biggest reveals, trailers, gameplay and more from Nintendo’s E3 2019 press conference and Treehouse live.

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  1. So they got rid of cool mega evolution to just make pokemon get big and red…..and got rid of being able to ride them for the bike…..ugh.

  2. I wouldn’t mind waiting another year if it meant we’d be able to transfer all our Pokémon into sword and shield.

  3. To all the fanboys of X-box and Ps4 who says Nintendo is dead. I got news for you. Nintendo ain't dead. It's alive and well. And I am a loyal customer over PS4 and X-box. Loved this year's showcase. Luigi's mansion 3. Breath of the Wild 2. Pokemon Sword. So much more. This was great.

  4. Does anyone remember the original poke mon command? In Commodore BASIC language programming it locates the sprite on the screen. That's where the actual name Pokemon comes from. The poke command is followed by the mon name and screen coordinates.

  5. I am excited for pokemon sword and shield astral chain and Luigi mansion 3 i can not wait to legend of Zelda Link's Awakening i am absolutely looking forward to play those game on my Nintendo switch

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