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New Gameplay Today – Psychonauts 2

Elise and Kyle join Cork and Leo for an early look at Psychonauts 2 from Double Fine, which releases in 2020.

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  1. Controls look a lot less floaty, which is great. First one always felt too floaty for me, so this is a huge inprovement already

  2. Psychonauts' art style was begging for a graphical overhaul more than most games.

    It looks absolutely fantastic in this generation! I'm already pining for Psychonauts 3!

  3. She keeps calling him a villain, but in RoR they legit cured the Good Doctor and figured out he was a Time Slowing Psychic with good TK but his parents got him labotomized. His "boss" then used him to extract brains in Psychonauts 1. After being cured by Raz, he saves the entire team and destroys the laboratory he was previously working at.

    I'd say that def makes him "not a villain" anymore.

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