Madden NFL 20 – Full Reveal Presentation | EA Play E3 2019

Get the inside scoop on all the new stuff coming to Madden NFL 20, straight from EA Play ahead of E3 2019.

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  1. if you truely want to know what madden 20 is going to be like watch this madden 20 youtube video review:
    Madden 20 Will Be The Usual Upsetting Past Years Of Madden With Legacy And Adding More New Issues

  2. it will feel different but, its still the same shit, its not for football heads sim players no more, they made madden rigged for nerds, and kids, to compete years ago, I remember back when those guys just couldn't compete, now you can't beat them. someone all ways open no matter what you do on D, its to easy on offense so they can compete, its not about play calling, double teams, the D line, this game will all ways be BS for those reasons, the makers could not keep madden realistic, cause they can't compete, so they rigged it for there fantasies, I been playing madden since came out, use to travel play guy for 100 bucks a game. just saying

  3. what about Defense AI… this going to be another madden that some typical bum will find tons of exploits ?? and ruin realism and internet fair play? ….

  4. You know what I kinda feel sorry for ea. Yes they fuck up sometimes but they're not perfect. All the fucking fans ask for is perfection and that's not possible. I for one will buy madden cause I'm a fan of football and I love video games. Of course it could be better but I mean some of yall just expect way to much from a video game bro. It's hard to please yall.

  5. Why can you not put in a realistic lob pass into your game, along with all the customization options that you removed. Put some real money into the game and maybe you could win back your fan base.

  6. Look, all I want out of madden is a good franchise mode. But we are never going to get a another one because EA is more focused on exploiting the Blind ass Dumb fucks who waste their life savings on MUT. Until the day that’s done, I’m never buying another madden game. And considering it’s EA, that day will likely never come…

  7. Fuck this company, and fuck Android Wilson. I will never spend another dime on anything even remotely associated with EA. For those of you who will be buying it, have fun getting bent over the table by surprise mechanics for another year.

  8. Same old game with suddenly "new additions" that were already in Madden 2005 and NFL 2k5. Save 60 bucks and get something else worth the time.

  9. At first i thought everybody was prob jus overreacting in the comments….but my god, yall are right. it legit looks the EXACT same as madden 19

  10. I played madden 16,17, and 18 ultimate team really hardcore. I bought the madden 19 goat edition (or whatever it’s called) and just got bored of everything the game had to offer because they changed nothing but the layout of the game. I was considering preordering madden 20, but after seeing this, I guess I’ll stick to other games.

  11. hope we get a simple to play nfl blitz re-release someday. these full priced roster updates same gameplay and look releases are a crazy waste of $$

  12. What the hell? Can't we just have a realistic football video game? What is this crap? X-Factor abilities? You mean POWERUPS. Missions? What is this? A new Fortnite mode?

  13. “We are tying to match player ratings to real life players..” the hell outta here… you made dallas and philly the highest rated in the game! DALLAS 8-8 team rated 88 and philly 89 which is above New england, Rams, Saints, and the chiefs?? Are you in the twilight zone?

  14. Its the same exact game with more ultimate team microtransactions bullshit, and now they basically copied nba 2k with the icons. Deffintly not buying for sure!

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