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John Romero On Commander Keen's Reboot, Doom Eternal, And Wolfenstein

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson speaks with id’s co-founder John Romero about the reboot of Commander Keen from Bethesda on mobile, Doom Eternal, and the new Wolfenstein games alongside Alex Hutchinson from Typhoon…

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  1. Bethesda fucked up Commander Keen by making it into a frigging cell phone instead of an old school plattformer for PC or other consoles. The cartoonish design looks quite good but when they show the cell phone….all my excitement was instantly crushed. No wonder why there was no update about the project. Thanks a bunch Bethesda!

  2. Poor guys. Their legacy is being massacred under the rule of Bethesda, doom excluded of course… for now. Give me time they’ll screw that up too… freaking Bethesda.

  3. Wow you can really read between the lines that even though he loves the aesthetic and art design of new Keen, the fact that it's not a platformer is a HUGE disservice, and he really just hopes it does well enough to warrant a proper Keen platformer in that art style.

  4. I like that he liked the trailer for the Commander Keen sequil!
    I hate that they made the game a crappy mobile pay to win title when they should have made it a game like Cuphead or Rayman or Alien hominid!
    Wel, I'll do what I can to help!

  5. Commander Keen, DOOM I and II, and Wolfenstein were my entire childhood fun. So many bad memories, but playing these games was my escape

  6. Such a lovely down to earth person for someone who has achieved so much.
    I wish more people were like him..

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